Jul 20, 2007

Poetry Friday Challenge: Hail

Maggie over at Mind Moss has been given the reins to the Poetry Friday Challenge wagon while Mona and her poetically capable self recovers from surgery, and after a freak but inspirational hailstorm Maggie's Mossy Mind (3M?) has tossed out the PFC word: Hail.


Oh God.

Oh God no.
Ohgodnofuckno this can't be happening to me!

No, I can't be falling. Nofuckno!

Wind, where are you?
Lift me up!

I'm falling.

I was...I was up there!
I was up there for so long
buoyed up by the wind
and the pressures
and the zephyrs...the zephyrs
held me and rolled me around
like a white grape on a cherub's tongue.

And now I'm falling.
I'm falling down to the tomb world.
I'm falling to the dirt.

I'm falling down to that...PLACE!
That place where the animals walk and crap
and fall down and rot and I'M FALLING!
Oh God, why? Did I get too cocky
rolling around up there
in Your sight? Jealous of me, are you?

And now I'm falling.
Ohjesusfuck I'm falling.
Oh I hate you for this.

I can't believe I'm falling.

* Because I'm only French on my mother's side and never learned French in school and my only French speaking friend is no longer easily reached by phone and since I can't just call up Maggie and ask her I've had to rely on Google's language tools for a translation which worked out BEAUTIFULLY. I think. Google tells me that "tombe'" is French for 'fall,' which makes a nice visual play with the word 'tomb' in the middle of the poem. At least that was my intent. If I've inadvertently ordered squid instead of a hamburger please don't anyone tell me?

Anyway, it's more fun to watch me try to deal with the tentacles.


Maggie said...

tombe is absolutely correct! I know this word well. My little climbing son has been experimenting with gravity a lot lately.

I love the poem. I pictured a kite heading break-neck speed for earth.

Nancy Dancehall said...

It's all about Lucy, innit? :-)

Irrelephant said...

Thanks Maggie! I was really afraid of making some gruesome, first-year French mistake. *grin* And I'm glad you liked it...I was starting to wonder, it's generated almost NO response, and I thought it was one of my better efforts. *shrug* Shows what I know about the Great Reading Public.

Nancy, you win the nickel cigar for that one! I was trying to put a little subtlety in there, thinking about falling (angels) and all that, and the foul language just seemed to fit. Granted I've always thought hail was pretty angry too, being cast down from on high.

Damn my Catholic upbringing.