Jul 8, 2007

Poetry Friday Challenge: Things That Make Me Go Boom

Warning: Shoots Flaming Balls

Heh. Flaming. Balls. Shoots same. You gotta love anything the size of the back of an SUV that has that printed in bold across it's face.

Fireworks make me go boom, since we've just passed that explosive celebration and my first atempt at taking pictures of said pyrotechnics. Thank heavens for all those Chinese people and their wretched dragon infestation requiring that they invent gunpoweder, rockets and those great noodles. The thing that most makes me go boom was not the fireworks though but what happened during them. I found out that I had learned something new with my camera.

When I was a kid I loathed school, for so many different reasons it's not even vaguely feasible to list them here. Consider it read that I hated school. It took five years in college for me to realise just how much I enjoyed learning. I wish now, looking back, that I had realised that a lot earlier, but hindsight and all that, yes? So now, learning new things makes me go boom inside. And being able to apply that knowledge is the best part. Knowing how to say "I'm sorry, I'm lost" in Latin is all fine and good but how often do you get lost in Rome around 100AD?

The ocean makes me go boom. At least my heart. I don't know that there's very much in this little muddy blue green place that makes me react so powerfully, so emotionally as the ocean. That's about all I can say without getting all weepy.

Coming in from the garden last night, I sat on the couch and carefully cleaned and loaded one of my many pipes with my swiftly dwindling supply of tobacco. I lit it, puffed it into a nice burn, and found myself confronting a very unexpected scent. Not tobacco, not the little wafts and whiffs of smoke drifting up from the embers, but the sharp, bright smell of the bell peppers and tomatoes I had just plucked from their respective branches. Finding out almost forty years into my life that I love to putter around in a garden makes my heart go boom.

And this is not where I intended to stop but it's becoming a filthy habit of mine to post my Friday Challenge on Sunday. *lol*

Must. Stop. Lagging!

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Nancy Dancehall said...

And can I saw that photographing fireworks well is difficult. Bravo! *standing ovation*

Oh and I'm with you. Standing on a beach in Oregon and staring at the ocean made my heart go boom. So does seeing my seedlings poke through the dirt when I've given up hope.