Nov 30, 2007

Art Generator

A friend long ago once told me that his art (an exquisite, surreal, Tolkienesque draftsman's hand style) was simply "the exhaust of a life being lived."

That phrase stuck with me even though the friend didn't. I still make my own art; I paint, photograph, sculpt when found objects present themselves, and in as many little ways as I can, I create. It's second nature to me, like some people sing when they're happy or others become accountants for a love of number or they love words and they become writers.

So anyway, there's this site, see? It's like one of those old shops you find in cities that you can never quite tell if they're open becaus every time you go by the door is locked. One of those places that you're always trying to figure out what they sell because it's not real apparent from the window. A place that looks like it's a sort of life-sized Cornell box waiting to be explored. It doesn't always load properly, and like anything interesting it's in a foreign language for the most part (with a rather boring English version available at a click) but the cool thing is, it takes bits of the web and your words and it makes art.

Ars Gratia Artis indeed.

Here's what my blog title prompted:

The Face On Mars indeed! How wonderfully eerie, tho the huge Google logo floating in the background sort of makes me wonder if the whole "Face" enigma is all just a hoax perpetrated by hackers.

And the title of my all-time favourite painting, "The Thing Wot Lurked In The Tub" gave me this:

The Bros' Grimm and an oval daguerreotype...excellent!

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Shao said...

Is that a smoked deer penis in your picture?