Nov 15, 2007

Meme Hammered!

Okay, Scarlett, you got me.

And only because my favourite cousin is named Scarlett, and because I love red. And some other reasons that are buried so deep in my pitiful little psyche that it's best I don't drag them, kicking and screaming into the blinding light of the pitiless gaze of the Public.

Heh. Already on a roll and I haven't even posted the rules yet.

Random Meme Rules

1. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
Done. Scarlett, this is all your fault.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
Why? Afraid I might forget them?
3. Don't drink anything over the keyboard while reading this meme on other pages.
HAH! Too late! *hoising a steaming cuppa Earl Grey* Take THAT, rules!
4. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
See below.
5. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Er, no. Gonna break another one. Iffen you guys wanna, take it and run.
6. Stretch.
Stretch WHAT, exactly? I need specifics!
7. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog.
Heh. Rules are made for breaking

Awright. *flexing my mental muscles* Yeah, pretty sloppy, prolly shouldn't do that again, at least in public.

1) I've a third nipple. Okay, not really. Fact is, I'm profoundly normal and have never broken a single bone in my body. I am an entirely stock, non-modified OEM Human Bean. Unless you count the heavy tattooing, which I guess voids my warranty. Damn!

2) I love spinach. I really do. I used to be the kid in school who asked for and received mountains of spinach from all the other kids on Spinach Day. Now? Now I can't eat it because there's something in that stuff that goes through me like castor oil through a widow woman, and I really genuinely miss spinach. And my sanity.

3) Sometimes I forget that most people don't care, and that stings. Sometimes I remember that most people don't care, and that stings too.

4) I'm a motorcycle snob. I often find myself looking down my rather aquiline nose at anyone not on a motorcycle, and I snub Harley riders as often if not more often than they snub us rice bike riders. And this makes me happy, I'm told.

5) I use things until they're useless. I cannot stand rampant consuming, buying for no other reason than to buy. I own three pairs of tennis shoes (all given to me as presents by the in-laws) and I feel guilty over it. When Walgreens has those big dump bins of "seconds and irregulars" Hanes coloured T-shirts on sale 5 for $10 I go head over heels, and will wear those things until they're ragged. (And yes, I'm wearing one right now.) This is also the reason I use a fountain pen--they don't wear out and don't get thrown away when dry.

6) I always feel terrible when I see a dead animal by the side of the road, no matter if it's a hawk, armadillo, opossum or dog. I hate the idea that people can just shrug off murdering some innocent creature. On the bike I've been known to swerve aside for dragonflies if there's a chance I can miss it.

7) Today being The Great American Smokeout, I shall be cleaning my largest capacity pipe, loading it with the strongest tobacco I have and I shall be smoking it while laughing evilly. I'm sick and tired of being treated by the media and etc. like a five year old. I KNOW it's bad for me. So is breathing what passes for air in most any part of the known world, eating anything that I didn't grow myself (and sometimes not even then,) and crossing the street against the signal. When you start working on that stuff I'll start worrying about my smoke.

An added bonus! No extra charge!

8) I hate most photos of myself. Cameras do not like me in front of them, and I'm much more comfortable BEHIND one. I think there are perhaps three photos of me in existence that I genuinely like.

Kay. Feel up to the task? Steal this meme and run, child, run!


meno said...

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To show the 'possum it could be done.

Road kill makes me sad too, every time. These poor animals just don't have a chance.

Tattoos. need pictures.

Jean said...

ditto: tattoos. need pictures. are such a rebel. I love it!

p.s. I ain't doin' no stinkin' meme :)

Scott from Oregon said...

I DO have a third nipple. It got me laid, once, so don't knock it...

As long as you keep that smoke away from me, hack away...

Irrelephant said...

Meno, chicken crossing the road jokes are second only to bar jokes in my twisted opinion. *s*

According to Ernest Hemingway:

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To die. Alone. In the rain.

Jean and my dear Meno, as for tattoo photos...not so much. Sorry. My tattoo images are very personal, and while I might have been teasing just a bit by mentioning them I don't share them with many people. Nothing personal I assure you...they're all placed so that you cannot see any of them if I'm wearing anything more covering than a T-shirt and a pair of long shorts.

Scott, I shan't knock said nipple, if it's getting you some strange. *lol* As for coughing? I don't. I don't hack, nor do I retch. I also don't inhale, and if and when I come down with mouth cancer I promise I shan't kiss you, but only if you promise not to be around me when you're drunk.

Kelly Malloy said...

Hilarious answers!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Fabulous answers, I love them all.
And... the photo is great.

I was excited to see the globe in the background; I have that exact same globe in my study.
But it's not behind glass and I refer to it often.

I love the smell of a good pipe.

Thanks for playing.

Scarlett & V.

Irrelephant said...

Glad you enjoyed, Kelly, and thank you for delurking or stopping by or whatever is the lucky instance that brought you to my door!

*g* Thank you, Scarlett. I do my best to be as off the beaten path as I can manage.

Mine is actually on an open shelf but I don't refer to it as often as I should. I worked for five years at our local Office Depot and brought home all SORTS of neat stuff. *g* And thank you, dear lady, for inviting me.