Dec 19, 2007

The People Have Spoken

And I have listened.

I've even put together a nifty poll for you guys to answer. Multiple answers allowed, but only one vote (yes, Santa is watching you.) This also saves me the trouble of having to tax my already over-worked brain on being creative. I think I burned out my creative gland back in grade school on that seventh grade Social Studies project, Rube Goldberg vs Isaac Newton In Jell-O.

So. Vote me do!

If you had to listen to a radio show, which name would most interest you?
Sunny Sunday Chatline
The Sundae Special
The Sunday Scoop
Sound-Off Sunday
The Sunday Serenade
Sunday Shinedown
Sunday Sermon
Sunday Schizzle
Sunday Scatter
Sunday Scavenge
Sunday Scatology
Sunday Scenario
Sunday Scathing
Snark Sunday
Manic Monday Eve
Stupor Sunday
The Sunday Vajapocalypse
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Gordo The Geek said...

Voted! :-)

meno said...

I was kidding when i suggested Sunday Sermon. Who would want to listen to that? I voted for the snark.

amusing said...

On occasion, I like to dress up and play "marketing genius" -- so even though I voted, I have all sorts of questions like, what the hell is the focus of the "show" and is it the sound of one voice talking, or other stuff too, and &tc.

The Ivory Pen said...

It should be "Snarky" Sunday!

Irrelephant said...

Thank you, Gordo! Duly recorded, accounted, and taken under advisement. Can't wait to see what the people have to say. *G*

Meno, you suggested, I listened. *wink* I figured I'd give it as fair a shake as any other suggestion, no matter suggestive.

Amusing, you have asked and I have posted a whole post for your answer. *s* Ain't you special?

Ivory, get in there and vote!