Dec 2, 2007


The MeMe of Three: Having been tagged by VW


  • Things that scare me: people with road rage, making a fatal mistake with a power tool, finding out there IS a god and she's really pissed at me.
  • People who make me laugh: VW, Stephen Wright and that balding guy from the Sonic commercials.
  • Things I hate the most: Not understanding my motivations better, my being afraid of change, and not knowing how to do something accurately.
  • Things I don’t understand: How Lorenzo Lamas could slide that big fat Harley around so easily, WHY he'd want to, and why letting your pants hang around your arse is cool.
  • Things I am doing right now: Getting excited about supper (chili and cornbread!), dreading going back to work, and being aggravated that Sunday was rained out and therefore a massive waste (keep in mind I started this last week--supper tonight had no cornbread.)
  • Things I want to do before I die: Live forever, tour England extensively, and be happy with my life decisions.
  • Things I can do: Ride a motorcycle really well, tell a shaggy dog story so well you believe it right up to the punchline, and fix simple plumbing problems.
  • Ways to describe my personality: Sensitive, caring, and self-analytical to the point that it's almost a damned disease.
  • Things I can’t do: Carry a tune if it were nailed to my forehead, stay up very late past my bedtime, eat lots of fried food without paying for it.
  • Things I think you should listen to: Your heart, your bowels, and your significant other.
  • Things you should never listen to: That negative voice in your head, a professional accordion player, and a mime hitting his thumb with a hammer while building an invisible doghouse.
  • Things I’d like to learn: How to speak German like a native, how to fly a hot air balloon by myself, and how to take consistently good photographs.
  • Favorite foods: mozzarella cheese, bread pudding, and cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven. Go bread!
  • Beverages I drink regularly: Hot tea, cold tea, and sort of lukewarm tea that's been on the counter but not so long as to have gone over.
  • TV shows I watched as a kid: That Sid And Marty Crofts show with H.R. Puffenstuff, Land of The Lost (try as I might I simply couldn't make myself get a crush on Holly,) and The Electric Company.

You wanna piece of this? Go with it, and tell me you went.


Batgirl said...

I read through the whole thing and the only thing that really stood out was that there was no cornbread with your chili. And why does chilli seems so weird no matter how I spell it...

meno said...

The chili with cornbread stopped me too. I view corn bread as as substrate for butter and honey. What could be wrong with that?

Good luck with the living forever thing.

Irrelephant said...

BG, I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that the cornbread n chili (funny looking word innit?) is the only thing you remembered.

Meno, butter and honey on cornbread? That's gilding the lily, sweet chile'. I'll bet you're one of those weird people who mix water into their bourbon, too.

Jay said...

Thoroughly interesting person, you are.

Pq said...

I liked this post. Was fun to read! And I agree...Yay for bread!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Why German? I'm curious.