Jan 6, 2008

Bunch of Circus Freaks

Another show (our landmark SECOND!) is in the can, and boy is it in the can.

Attend me: potty humour, altar boy jokes, and Jean from Pondering... called in to chat. Vulgar Wizard and I quizzed her at length about microscopic welding, mountain ranges in Florida and why she didn't cause the numerous space shuttle delays. We also managed to launch about ten ideas for further side-shows which will never make it since I can't even manage the show I have NOW.

We were joined in the chat room by Nancy Dancehall of Just Another Love Letter and Gordo The Geek from Gordo's Brain! who spent their time productively by singing bits of old 80's hit songs and discussing mountain ranges with the ever-mountainous Vulgar Wizard.

And just to prove that I DO listen to you and read your comments and sometimes even take the extraordinary step of acting on them, the show has been moved ever so slightly: we'll be broadcasting the next show (and hopefully all shows from then forward) this coming Sunday the 13th at 10:30 AM CST instead of 9. I realise that's still 8:30 am on the west coast but hey, I can't spend my entire day worrying about the radio show! *lol* I agree, though: 9am is too early for me to be up and functioning, Stucco, and I hadn't taken into account the sheer masses of unwashed hippie listeners from the Pacific Northwest who might want to get in on the circus train action. But see, you guys can be UP at 8:30 because really all you have to do is log in and listen, while I have to struggle with popups and multitasking and finding a mic/headset that works on my big ole fat head.

Sheesh, the lengths I go through for you guys.

SO! Follow the link up there, set a reminder for yourself on the show page (stapling Post-It Notes to my head seems to work for me,) set your Interocitor on Blue and join us, won't you for The Sunday Vagapocaylpse III! I promise next time it'll be worth getting up for.


Gordo said...

OH! It was THAT Nancy! Ni, Nancy!

My wife found no end of amusement to the fact that I was getting slagged on web radio for forgetting to set a reminder. I just set the email thing to let me know.

You have a big melon as well, I? Big ol' pain to find winter hats and things.

Jean said...

That was all kindsa fun...good job!

meno said...

Wow! What a glorious mess! Sounds like y'all were having fun. I'll try to get up next week in time to listen!

Irrelephant said...

*lol* Gordo, I love you and you know it. Big head. Whew. When I had my hair long I'd have to ask haberdashers to take their 7 3/4 hats and stretch them for me. With a buzz cut I can get away with a 7 1/4, but "One size fits all" don't. *g*

Thank you, Jean, and thank you for calling into the three-ring! It was a real blast having you join us!

Meno, it was just that--a glorious mess! *g* I took the step for you and Stucco and other PNWesterners of moving the show to 10:30 CST..I know that's still early but hey, it's me, right? *wink*

Stucco said...

I'm not sure that I can be witty, or even keep up with a conversation before 10AM, PST. Whaddya turn into a pumpkin after lunchtime? :P

Jay said...

ooh, look at you go!

Irrelephant said...

Stucco, you need a good beating, don't you? *lol* Did Pants forward that graffiti to you? If not, send me an email? I've got something for you. Bwah-hah-hah!

Jay--aren't you proud? *g*

Gordo said...

ARGH! I have to go to the cottage to take care of a wind-downed antenna tower in the morning, I! I'm going to miss the whole show! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!