Jan 30, 2008


Damnit, the yearly ritual is done!

Taxes are filed.

W-2s are all nestled away, the forms are submitted, the e-file system is winging my numbers straight into Hell. My refund will be here in time to be spent immediately, and the cycle goes 'round.

I'm tired. My bleeding left retina aches, and I had to get stuck in the arm with a hosepipe this morning at the MD's office to prove that I don't have diabeetus*. At least this time there wasn't a lady in the next room demanding that she wasn't having a heart attack even when she was.**

Going to bed now. Blog entries on both blogs forthcoming, I promise.

* I can't say "diabetes" anymore, all I can do is say it like Wilford Brimley on those damned Liberty Medical Supply commercials. "dia-BEET-us."

** Blog post upcoming on this subject as well as hospital waiting rooms and the inadvisability of matching your eye makeup colour to your scrubs. Honest.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Bleeding retina?

Reading my blog does that to people.


Gordo said...

Modesty precludes me from mentioning where people bleed from after reading mine. ;-)

meno said...

You are impressive because you have filed your taxes. Wow!

Did you get the bleeding retina from listening to Stucco last Sunday. I just finished listening to the show. That man does like bodily fluids, so maybe that's why the bleeding retina.

Maggie said...

i haven't even received all my forms to do my taxes yet...oof.

hospitals suck. waiting rooms suck. emergency rooms suck ass. I went to emergency room once and some f*n hard-ass bitch of a nurse wouldn't let my husband spoon me in the bed - jerkoff

Jay said...

Oh, god, did you just utter the t-word?

Wanna do mine?

Irrelephant said...

Joan, I think in my case it's more computer eyestrain and simple old age, but you know, if I were you I'd look into that whole "read my blog, bleed your eyes out" thing. The military might want to have a word with you.

Gordo! So THAT'S why... aaaah. Yup.

Meno, I used TaxActOnline again this year and loved it. It took roughly two evenings after supper and spending the extra $16 on the super-de-duper advanced version netted me another coupla hundred on the return. Noice!

Maggie, I swear, what IS with the state of modern medicine when you can't even get a snuggle from your loved one. Cripes, every time I've been in a hospital bed I'd have given my bleeding left retina for a little snog.

Jay m'dear, I fear I did. As for doing your taxes for you? I hope you've got something extraordinarily rewarding to bring to the table because DAYUM I hate doing taxes almost as much as I hate DIY plumbing jobs.