Feb 17, 2008

The Irrelephant Show: Argument Episode (updated!)

Ah lordie it just gets better and better!

What an excellent broadcast. I must say up front big thanks to Maggie, Nancy Dancehall, Stucco, Schmoopie and Vulgar Wizard for being on the phone live with us, discussing the art and science of arguing.

Now, ordinarily I'd just rest on my laurels but since Nancy cornered Maggie on the show today in front of my 30+ listeners it's come about that I'm going to add.... drumroll please.....


Maggie's Poetry Corner! Listen as Maggie regales us with a dirty limerick, a tasty haiku or a Scandinavian Epic!

Nancy Dancehall's Word O' The Day (I think!) Thrill as Nancy enlightens, elucidates and otherwise stretches our minds with the Word! (Or a story. Or something that we haven't 100% decided on yet.)

Schmoopie's Weekly Cone Update! Vibrate with pleasure as Schmoopie tells us how life with The Cone is proceeding, beginning with Week 3.

Wow. I'm getting more and more disturbed with every word I write, so you know what THAT means! It's time for The Catchphrase List! VW as always has done an excellent job of sieving through the mud to get at the pearls, and so it is with great pleasure that I offer you the glistening white pearls, you swine!

The Irrelephant Show Weekly Catchprase List Vol. 4!

God, I miss Python so bad!
Are we having fun yet?
We have a subject.
Shameless plug
Shovel it in, y'all.
Don't eat your keyboard.
Internet Exploder
Rosey Palms
Two pickets to Titsburgh
Off the rails
Man, I ain't gettin' my Climax!
I don't see titties!
Itty Bitty Gang Bang
Beauty and the Hosebeast
I want you to get upstairs and get into my bed!
It's because of the metric system.
A pound hound
Nazi cows and Nazi corn and Nazi grain and Nazi wheat!
I about peed my nancypants.
Big Sallie Jessie glasses
Inverted nipples
One-eyed wonder worm
Felt like a breeder?
Meeting in a dark room
Mmmmm, Danish
Hair Pie

Thank you, won't you?


Maggie said...

Woo hoo I'm a feature!

Gordo said...

My Lord, wait until the FCC finds out about the internet. LOL

Scott from Oregon said...

So ummm.... all I need is a working microphone, right?

Irrelephant said...

Maggie, you're going to be a Prime Feature! I think that means that you'll get the good spot in the front window and a slightly larger sign than the rest, but I could be wrong. *lol*

Gordo, please PLEASE don't say that! All you have to do is say their name three times and they appear.

Scott, all you need is a cellular and a computer. When you're logged into the show at my address (blogtalkradio.com/irrelephant) it'll give you a screen with the chat room options and a live (about five second delayed) feed. To call in all you need is a phone, the number is at the top of the screen while the show is being broadcast! Dang ain't these Internet Tubes great?

meno said...

And i was there. I'm so proud. Good stuff today Mr Irrelephant.

Irrelephant said...

I saw you there in the chatroom, and I was very pleased to have you, Meno!...ahem... I mean...

Clowncar said...

Missed it again. Sigh.

Though the catchphrase list is kinda fun without any context whatsoever.

Two pickets to Titsburgh made me LOL, as the kids say these days.