Feb 4, 2008


Since this is the second time VW has amassed the Catchphrase list, this is Number Two*. Heh heh...poo joke.

The Patented Sunday Vagapocalypse Catchphrase List!

All the catchphrases that you need to be using around the water cooler, the copier and the sperm bank tomorrow!

  • creepy balcony guy
  • Show our tits?
  • Turn left now.
  • Is she the mamma?
  • Daughter of the Vibrating Cone
  • Paul Revere Ribeye
  • Jewish squirrel
  • urinal cake
  • catch the gay

Remember, kids, we've used these words in a sentence today.

So hey, how is everyone on an 11:00 am showing rather than 10:30? Or a complete change of day and time? Any ideas?
* "Do come and see me. Number Two. The Green Dome." (for all the fans of Number Six and The Village.)


Mickelodeon said...

I would cast my vote for later on Sunday...1030am your time is 830am my time and that's prime grocery shopping time for me.

Just my two cents.

meno said...

It's good to have guide.

Maggie said...

see what I believe i need, is a personal phone call reminding me to "go to your damn computer and catch the show you dummy". :-)

Gordo said...

I'd like to proudly deny responsibility for any of this week's phrases. ;-)

Maggie, blogtalkradio DOES have an email reminder that you can have it send out any time in advance. :-)

Irrelephant said...

Micks, I'm starting to seriously consider a move--most of my listeners seem to be on the west coast...

Meno, you're a goof and you know it. *G*

Maggie, if it means one more listener then by all means give me a contact number and I'll ring you up! Gordo is right, though, there is an email reminder thing on the main site where you can have yourself emailed.

Gordo, you know you're right--I need to start listening closer to you, see if I can't ensnare you on some verbal faux pas. *lol*

Maggie said...

Oh I have the email reminder. I'm that bad. Sunday is a rather chaos day in the Moss household and that is my problem. I need to schedule my time for this. And I was only kidding about the phone call. I WILL be there this Sunday, I promise.

Gordo said...

Irr, I will proudly claim "ass beret" as mine form last week. Urinal talkers, too ... :-D

Vulgar Wizard said...

Uhm, just let me know when and where you move it so I don't get lost in the shuffle. hehehe

I like how you're so accomodating! It's so becoming of a radio host, so NOT Howard Stern of you. *blech*

I'm game for 11 AM, but I'd also be game for Friday nights if all the good slots (uh-huh-huh-huh) weren't taken.

Irrelephant said...

Can't wait, Maggie! Gonna move the time back a little to make our west coasters a little happier and more able to join us, about to post a big ole whoop about it. *G*

Gordo, always be proud of what you've done, ESPECIALLY if it's not mainstream.

VW, I'm here for them, not the other way around. *g* And don't worry, I'll send you a memo.