Feb 21, 2008

Poetry Friday Invite!

Mona, our Queen Bee leading us in the Poetry Friday Challenge (get it? Poetry Bee? Queen Bee? *snort* I kill myself) has done me a signal honour--she's invited me to give The Word.

If you, unlike myself are benefiting from a long memory you might recall that she has once before given me this torch to carry, this medal to wear, when I inadvertently gave her the word "Cloud." I had just stumbled upon her wonderful blog and the Challenge and all that good stuff, so when she flicked the holy water on me and gave me that 1000-watt holier-than-thou smile I was near bursting at the seams. Now that I've been handed the sabre and shield again I'm fit to explode.

With pride, you dirty-minded yoinks. I swear, it's not ALL sex.

Kay, 'nuff said. The Poetry Friday Word for tomorrow is: Tattoo. Use it how you see fit, whether it be defined as the rhythmic sound, the pigment-under-the-skin or some other form or function of the word. Mix it up in your Hot Dish and serve it up fresh tomorrow, because we'll all be pulling up to the table with our appetites stoked!



Maggie said...

Oh boy, that's going to be a fun one to play with - it's so specific.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Well, might I say that you are one hot tamale, one chili pepper, one ice-cream-topped piece o' hot apple pie. I swear I'll stop with the food metaphors soon.

Thanks for the Word! I knew you could deliver it "all the way downtown", if ya know what I mean, winkwinknudgenudge....

(It ISN'T all about sex? Are ya sure? 'Cause it is to me....)