Mar 9, 2008

The Irrelephant Show

Now with less listeners!

I'm thinking that between taking last weekend off, the time change and the inclement weather most of your folks above the Mason-Dixon line are suffering from all combined to make this Sunday's show rank right up there with the first one for lack of listeners. *G* Not to worry, I've never been one to let a little failure stop me.

Nancy managed to chime in just before we went live and stuck around in the chat for a few minutes, but had to go shortly after we launched. She's got the Clowncar family over for various and sundry doings, so I can only imagine the hectic pace that many kids are keeping. Our thoughts are with you, Pants! She hasn't given me the official Nancy Dancehall Word Of The Week, but I'm thinking it might be "homicide."

Vulgar Wizard, my ever-faithful cohost is down with some sort of horrible ailment involving her ears, sinuses, and her left leg falling off, so she spent the hour absent and, I'm told, heavily medicated. Get better soonest, VW. I know you hate being sick as much as I do.

Maggie over at Mind Moss emailed me an hour or so after the show's close (Stucco and I talked for the show's hour and then most of another hour after the broadcast ended) and reported that not only was her entire house under about seventeen feet of snow but her internet connection was as spotty as a spotted owl so she was unable to be with us. Maggie's Poetry Corner simply wasn't as good without her.

But far be it from me to let failure stop me! Stucco and I carried on like a pair of complete dorks, Shelli joined us after a while to discuss sex on a motorcycle (stationary, kickstand down, not otherwise*) and then Stucco and I wrapped up most of another 45 minutes bashing Nature and television.

Plus VW managed to listen with her good ear to the archived show and produced


  • I'm already bent.
  • How about if I grab my ankles . . .
  • I'm up at the crack of death.
  • a complete tit
  • paradoxical
  • Dr. Happy Finger
  • This is the all-get-bent episode.
  • I saw Shatner on the Henry Rollins show.
  • I can't get behind that.
  • Yum, green
  • Who are we gonna dog first?
  • eat your brain into a sponge
  • Soylent cow is moo!
  • We're into chickens now.
  • Show us your chicken!
  • when I was a little doobie
  • You can, in fact, fire Jergens with a squirt gun.
  • pocket flamethrowers
  • Is that a ninja?
  • So, I was on a bike banging this chick . . .
  • Shelli, do you go to work sick?
  • my penis hooks didn't engage properly
  • perfectly normal, but dead
  • because I don't like to be hot
  • What's the temperature at which boogers freeze?
  • How do you NOT know how to swim?

* Don't try this at home.


** My apologies for the black duct tape; I've had enough grief with BlogTalkRadio attacking me for the sex episode, all I need is for Blogger to come down on me for posting pornographic motorcycling photos. And I notice now, looking at the photo again that she's wearing jeans and tennis shoes, not completely naked as I thought she was during the broadcast. I do note that she's wearing a Shoei helmet which makes me feel better--my first helmet was a Shoei, and it was damned comfortable as well as being ANSI certified. Way to go, hooker!


Gordo said...

The time change completely screwed me up, Irr. It was 2:30 here before I realized what had happened. Grr. I'll download it and listen on my iPod, though. ;-)

Mona Buonanotte said...

Your write-ups are always so scintillating (and sexy) that I feel I should participate in this. But then I realize I'm a total chicken, and slow to adopt new technology. And I'm in IT! Duh!

Maybe you could take my little hand and walk me through this whole BlogTalkRadio thing, as I am a weer-gin.

Clowncar said...

The "jergens in the squirt gun" anecdote is reason alone to listen this week.

Irrelephant said...

Gordo, I know I'm as much a victim of the DVR revolution as any network. *g* If you can't fit me in live I'm happy to live on in podcast.

Mona dear, that's the joy of it, though--it's just like real radio in that you can be as involved or as distant as you'd like. Tune in, turn on, drop out after if you'd like, or you can take the small dive and join in the chat room with Maggie, Meno, Nancy, VW, Gordo, whoever is hanging out there and you can just chat and listen. Until, that is, you're comfortable and ready to call in. *s*

First step, get a black lipstick and put a big "V" on your forehead, then sit in the back row... wait.

Easy as pie, IT Girl. On Sunday just before noon Central time, click to
That'll bring you to a screen telling you when I'm going live. Any other time it's the setup to listen to the previous broadcast and to the blog there that I don't use. You might have to set up a free account to listen, but it's a no brainer. After that, you simply log in on Sunday noon. *s* The chat room opens ten to fifteen minutes before I go live so you can get your feet wet there, and when I'm broadcasting live you'll see the dial-in number up on top of the screen, plus I'll mention it at least once. Easy peasy. *s*

Clowncar, I think I may have to agree with you. It's not something I'd ever actually thought about, truth be told. EVER. Thank whatever gods there may be for Stucco.

Nancy Dancehall said...

I can read the list and pick out the Stucco bits every time. Why is that?

Sorry about the drop-out. A major meltdown was in progress. Catch you next week!

Franki said...

Thank the gods she's wearing that helmet! Safety first!