Apr 7, 2008

The Irrelephant Show - The Passion Episode

Oh the humanity!

So much passion, so many f-ups with the switchboard controls by yours truly! And BTR people lurking about in the chatroom trying to be helpful. Pfui!

Anyway, we're moving. Yes, again. Same day, later hour. Join us (please and thank you?) on Sunday evenings at 6pm Central Standard Time. And yes that puts me up against the one and only Mr. Fabulous, darling of the BTR, but hey, his audience doesn't come see me, so it's going to work out nicely. *s* So. See? Saw.

Without further ado, the Passion List, as carefully complied by Vulgar Wizard:

  • monkey wearing a headset
  • I don't pee on electronics.
  • holding a warm plastic block in my hand
  • Turning Wrath Into Passion
  • smells like limburger
  • Irripple
  • crap-ass wine
  • Dismal Cone Report
  • The word for the week is "tingo" - rough translation, "all your shit is belong to me!"
  • Our dogs would love to swallow the postman's sock.
  • Stucco Squarepants
  • Cialis Smoothies

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogger. Thank you, and goodnight.


Jay said...

What, now I have to rewrite my calendar? Sheesh.

Irrelephant said...

Jay, you've been listening? You need to call in, oh Goaty One!

Stucco said...

Not bullshit!

Also- Word verification is "mrbzze", Mr. Buzzy

Mona Buonanotte said...

"Tingo"...HAH! I'm gonna start using that on a daily basis!

Damn, you're gonna make me do math now? 6 p.m. Central is...uh...7 p.m. Eastern? Great googly moogly, my brain is fried by that time of night! Which is prolly why I should tune in, huh?

Anonymous said...

Yay, the swan-song has been retracted!