Apr 3, 2008

Late But Not Forgotten

Vulgar Wizard sent me The List from last Sunday's Irrelephant Show, foreshortened by grilled bass, the bitch, and I simply never got off my arse to post it.

So, without further ado, and to sort of give me a little more breathing room before I start in on Mona's Poetry Friday Challenge, I present

The List!

Use these words and phrases! Appear erudite. Look silly!

  • orangutan
  • eating muppets
  • flatulence
  • fish 'n' chips
  • anal seepage
  • rice cakes
  • coke donkey
  • flavor curves
  • Word of the Week = FURVERT (Dubya hugs the Easter Bunny)
  • Cone Report = Reach for the cone to soothe all wet dream urges.
  • The Drawer of Dreams
  • chainsaw with tongues in place of teeth
  • Furvert you, you goddamned cleemon!

Don't forget to tune in next Sunday at noon CST for the Passion episode--come tell us what you're passionate about!


Anonymous said...

Without even trying, I can see three that belong to Stucco and I haven't even listened to the show yet! ;-)

Eeek! Off to listen right now.

Irrelephant said...

*lol* He DOES have a certain turn of phrase doesn't he, Gordo? I think I'm gonna keep him around a little longer...

Stucco said...

Hey, I hafta dash off promptly at the end of this weeks show to go to work(!). I'll try to concentrate the vulgarity, although that may lead to trouble with the Blog Talk nazi's.