Apr 20, 2008

Non-Consensual Interviewing

Okay, so look. I run this radio show, right? See the blue box on the left there? My show. But you see, my show has a problem, and it's not ED.

The problem is, it's mostly Stucco, Vulgar Wizard and I talking, and occasionally we're relieved by some fresh new poetry by Maggie, by some adults-only, "parent's trying to have a normal sex life" Cone Report by Schmoopie and by the ever-dancing Nancy Dancehall who has been forced to bail the last TWO shows now but who ordinarily helps us to expand our minds with the Word Of The Week. What I need to do is branch out, grow in a new direction. Get some fresh blood flowing in the old veins. Grow, expand, widen the scope. Be self-aggrandizing. Sell some of my paintings that are cluttering up the back room


I'm asking you. I'm begging you (see, I'm down on my wrinkly grey knees.) If you've ever wanted to promote your blog, your point of view, or your own particular brand of sexual kink, contact me via the comments or email and let me know what's going on. And if I select your video, I'll be showing up to help you do your dirty jo...no wait, that's Mike Rowe.

Because you see, if I don't get any volunteers, I'm gonna start coming after ya, and we don't want that, now do we?*

* Fair warning: I'm gonna start with the bloggers I'm most friendly with/I've read the longest, so meno and Mona, you're tops on the list, and Micks you're next**. After that I'm gonna start going down my blogroll. My suggestion? Go ahead and volunteer now and get the pain over with. I promise I'll be gentle. Heh.

** And what is it with my sudden fascination with bloggers whose user name beings with the letter "M"? Can anyone say "Peter Lorre?"***

*** Extra points to anyone who gets that somewhat obscure reference. VW, you don't count.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Oh, bite me.

meno said...

I really wish to apologize for my absence this morning. The Mister and i are finally feeling the jet lag effects and we both slept in until 11:30. Which is VERY unusual for us.

I just don't recover as quickly as i did when i was young. Bleh. But i will go back and listen to y'all talking amoungst yourselves.

Irrelephant said...

Not with that sunburn, nope.

meno, I'm sure you needed it. Good lord, a whole different country? I get nervous crossing state lines. Next week, however, the Bar Joke Extravaganza, you MUST show up for that, no excuses. None. Nope. Not even if your drinking arm falls off.

Gordo said...

I can vouch for meno on the jet-lag thing. It's FAR worse coming back east than it is going west. Bleah.

All I can offer is goofy accent and an wildly varied assortment of hobbies/avocations. If you're that desperate for a victim, let me know. :-D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Who knows what it's like to be me."

Clowncar said...

M is a reference to the movie of the same name, where PL is a killer sought by the police. What do I win?

So are you asking us to volunteer to call in to your show? I'd give that a shot. I could supply you with a Palindrome of the Week (I've made up quite a few, and know a few others).

Really dug your baseball/astronomy poem you emailed, BTW. Fashioned a wandering moon / From a horse, a string and a gum tree in particular. Thanks for sending it!

mickelodeon said...

I'm game - just give me a little notice so I don't end up at the grocery store or something mundane like that.

Can I go on and on about Doctor Who? Wait, I mean Sarah! Jane! Smith! Wait. Yes. That's it. =)

Or the recent spat of really bad movies I've watched???

Irrelephant said...

Gordo, I hate to use such a word as "desperate" but yes, I'm getting mildly desperate. *lol* When I get home from this rat-hole I'll drop you an email and we'll set up a show. BeeKeeping here we come!

Ivory Pen, that's a tempting subject for a show, especially in light of Stucco and I and VW discussing the whole 'online pseudonym' thing on the last show.

Clowncar, if I can get it back from VW I'll prize you with the whistle that Stucco sent me. Either that or maybe it'll be a big blue urine specimen container and a flash drive. *g*

Pallindromes? We can do this! Pallindromes, baseball, amateur astromomy and Godzilley movies...it's gonna be a ringer! Be watching your email so we can set up a day for your grand unveiling. And you're quite wecome for the poem. The first thing it triggered when I read it is "Dang, this is right up CC's alley!"

Micks, you know we have to do an all Dr. Who/SJS episode! Having just started watching SJS Adventures on Sci-Fi I have a beaucoup of questions. Bad movies? Oh lordie it is SO on! I'll email tonight and we'll arrange the date.