Apr 30, 2008

Two Points Of Interest

First being, Blogger seems to have erased the last set of comments I made on here. If you've read for more than a week you know I'm a big comment maker. I like to set up at least a short interaction with the folks who are willing to comment, but Blogger had something else in mind. So, I've re-commented on the past few posts, back to the last Poetry Friday Challenge. Grrrr. Dang ole Google.


Remember in grade school when you were learning all those strange tricks of carrying decimal places and multiplying quarts to yards and trying to figure out how soon that train would arrive in Chicago after leaving New York? Remember how our teachers drilled in our heads that we'd better learn this toot-sweet because we'd for certain be using it in our adult lives?

Remember getting out of high school or college or Vo-Tech and suddenly realising... sweet gold plated Jeebux, they lied! I'll never need to factor a series of unrelated fractions down, never need to remember how to calculate the area of an isoceles triangle and I'd certainly never care to plot points on a giraffe* ever again.

Well, we were all wrong.

You see, I had my by-gum last ass-chewing today. The last. I complain to the chain of command about the marked double and triple standard and I get my ass chewed for not being a team player. Fuck that. I'm not going to sit in my semi-comfortable Hon office chair and keep my mouth shut while the boss's golden child talks for an hour on her cellular about her child who has MRSA to everyone within earshot of her over-loud voice. I'm not going to bust my ass 8 or more hours a day all week only to keep falling behind because the golden child doesn't do anything but the schedule and has ample time to drive around on the clock doing errands for everyone and then waltz out early to go and have her 300+ pound frame greased up and shoved into a tanning booth because HER JOB IS DONE. I know full well that nothing, NOTHING I say or do will change matters in that office, so I'm doing the only thing left to me.

I'm leaving.

I skipped out early today on a flimsy excuse to go to the local Job Placement Service with a Goal In Mind. The local power generating station is building a new plant beside the old one, a plant that is going to burn for fuel the waste material of coal-fired plants. They've built this massive fortress of a plant and now they're starting to staff it, and I am going to be one of those staff members. They're paying new-hire Utility Workers (read: janitors) what I'm being paid right now after three years of toil, and I promise you that with two college degrees and my motivation (equivalent to the output of an Amish man building his marriage bed) I won't stay a lowly Technician Class 1 for long.

No, kids, it's time for Irrelephant to get the flock outta Dodge and go elsewhere.

The thing being, I have to take a math aptitude test at the Job Service place Friday morning before they'll even begin to suggest me to the power plant folks, even though the counselor said it'd be no problem to get me hired. Basic stuff--addition, subtraction, fractions, percentages, angles, multiplying and dividing fractional integers, algebra, calculus, stellar cartography, a dash of particle physics, a smattering of gravitational mechanics and figuring transit timetables for AmTrak. In Esperanto.

Holy shite! I don't remember all that! I scoffed when I was told I'd need it later! I swore I'd never go anywhere without a calculator! Why does anyone in their right mind need to know the degree of a vector? Why would I want to factor complex equations, all I want to do is watch some dials, perhaps do a little sweeping up!


* Plotting positive coordinates on the y axis of a giraffe was always the tricky bit for me.


Gordo said...

Oh, that's awesome, Irr! There's nothing like quitting a shitty job. Team player, indeed.

Did you mention your talent for drawing the ire of BTR on the application? ;-)

I have found, in helping my eldest do his grade 5 math homework, that I can't remember a damn bit of any of that, either. And what I do remember isn't done the same way that they do it! AUGH!

Given a written test, I think I could come up with at least some of most of that list. Except for the transit timetables. Uh uh. No way.

Anonymous said...

Wow! But you did last longer than I expected after VW left.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Yay! Get the hell outta that hole!

I'll help you with the particle physics and the entanglement theorems.

Irrelephant said...

Gordo, that did irk me just a bit more than the rest did. And no, BTR didn't come up, fortunately. I swear, one little fart on the air and they're on you for good.

Ivory Pen, I am too. I made the stupid mistake of thinking that things would get better, that if only I held out long enough it'd somehow miraculously improve. Then our new Gov took office and shut down State hiring and I realised just how hard it is to get a job here.

Nancy, I'm going to take you up on that. How are you on orbital mechanics? I had an orbital once that always ran a little rough. I opened the hood one afternoon just to check the spark plug gaps and change the oil and I swear I didn't know WHAT I was looking at.

Maggie said...

and dude, giraffes have lots of points to plot. and their always irregular.

you're gonna slam it outta the ballpark (a little political pundit speak there)


Maggie said...

they're. they're!

hate that.

Rudi said...

I have some Dr Who episodes you can watch for help with stellar cartography.

Be sure to plot the giraffe on a common blackboard. Start large so it won't all fit. By definition the points that lay off the board are undefined. QED, ipso facto, cest la vie, finis!

(Thought I'd throw in the foreign language tutoring for free. That's just how swell I am. Humble too.)

Mona Buonanotte said...

Well hell yeah, it's about time! You're too good for those schlubs, dude. Spread your wings! Kick some ass!

I wish I could help you on the math part, but my brain pushed out all that data to make room for mom stuff and wife stuff and sex stuff....

Mother of Invention said...

Sounds like you've given them your all and more. Good luck with all of that! I'd be a disater at the math part. Good thing I taught mostly language and music!!!