May 12, 2008


Tomorrow is The Day.

My interview for the KCS "Conductor Trainee" job. Naturally, me being me I've driven myself to such a height of fevered pitch that if I don't get the job I'm going to be, emotionally, at the point of hurling myself off some very high place, like the top of Rachel Hunter's head.

Tomorrow at noon I slip out of work ostensibly for "an appointment." Yeah. An appointment with my destiny, perhaps. Or just a pair of HR reps from the KCS home office who want to grill me to see how serious a candidate I am. 108 miles one way to get there (the interview is being held several cities to the south of me in Red Stick*, our fair and overcrowded capital,) a three o'clock appointment and after that? Who knows.

Que sera, sera.

By the first of June either I'll be getting ready for an 8 week trip to a school starting June 2 in Kansas City, MO for extensive and intensive training in, er, trains or I'll be begging you guys to keep thinking positive that the local electric company will see my average math skills and my upper 10% in everything else scores on their aptitude test (remember the giraffe plotting?) and will give me a nod, a wink, a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, something to let me know they've noticed me and want me to become a Power Plant Technician with them.

Either way I'm hoping to be able to leave Very Big Home Health's local agency with a rude gesture at the director who thinks I'm not very much a team player.

*insert Gallic shrug here*

Ye gods I'm a wreck.

* Baton Rouge - in French literally "Red Stick." I think they named it that because if you shove a pole into any bayou water in Louisiana and draw it back out it'll be reddish brown due to all the Tony Sacherie's seasoning floating around.



Mona Buonanotte said...

Breathe, dude...that's it...In...Out...Slowly...there ya go! It'll be alright. We all believe in you, you'll be great. We'll get you good and drunk afterwards, m'kay? Good luck, break a leg, remember to be early and wear clean underwear.

Schmoopie said...

If it is meant to be, at this time in your life, it will happen for you. I am just sure of it! :)

Gordo said...

When I was off to interview for my current job, I was also nervous as hell. On the way to the interview (also leaving the then current place for an "appointment"), I popped one of those breath strips into my mouth.

And almost died.

It melted to my tongue and the minty freshness tried to dissolve my tastebuds. Then, it welded itself to the roof of my mouth. Where it firmly stayed until it finally dissipated just as I entered the building of my destiny.

The whole thing knocked me so off-balance that I completely forgot how nervous I was and it went swimmingly.

Good luck, my friend. :-)

Rudi said...

May the Farce be with you.

For that matter, May the be with you too.

Hope it all went well.

Rudi said...

What the hell happened there? I had the post right, even previewed it. Any way ...

May the Schwartz be with you too.

I listened to Sunday's show yesterday. Had I known I could geek out over Dr Who I would have been sorely tempted to blow off my husbandly duties on Mother's day to call in. Then again, maybe it better I didn't know.

meno said...

It's tomorrow now.

On pins and needles.


Clowncar said...

So? What happened? We're as giddy as schoolgirls awaiting the result of your interview....

Jean said...

ok.....where are you???

Irrelephant said...

I'm here, kids. *smile* Four hours in a car for a 40 minute interview still has my head smoked up pretty heavily. I learned a lot this afternoon, and have a very great deal of thinking to do. Will post all the gory details as soon as I'm able.

Thank you again, each of you, ALL of you for the support. I never knew I had so many friends. *smile*

Gordo said...

Whoo Hoo! Gory details!