May 7, 2008

Donald Fagan Is Spinning In His Grave

The American Idol kids just sang Steely Dan's "Reelin' In The Years." Badly. With this horribly choreographed sort of "walk around the stage in simple patterns but don't practice it" routine.

Oh my stars and garters someone please help me? My ears won't stop bleeding.


Mother of Invention said...

Why would anyone want to even try to imitate Donald Fagen?!! There can only be one!
I loved Steely Dan! (Ricki Don't Lose That number....!!)

Rudi said...

Oh, I'm so glad I didn't see that.

I was able to watch David Hasslehoff sing Glen Campbell but this sounds like it was worse!

Maggie said...

turn it off or hightail it outa there! why are you torturing yourself?

Stucco said...

I'll watch when they sing "Shaft"

Nancy Dancehall said...

Hey nineteen...

Do they even know who/what Steely Dan is? Do they confuse Donald Fagan with a character from Oliver Twist? Ok, do they even know who Oliver Twist is? My head hurts.

And because of you, last night I dreamed Simon had a crush on my ass. Thanks for that! *bleh*

Rudi said...

And lo in the fullness of time it came to pass that Stucco doth suggest the theme from Shaft be the tune of Idol competition.

And in reply I spake:

How about an episode with all masturbation songs. Talk about yer Idol worship!

Stucco said...

Pants! Please- like anyone alive has ever read Oliver Twist, and confused the Fagans. Anybody knows Fagans is a run down bar on the corner of Downing and Evans in Denver. Sheesh.

Irrelephant said...

MoI, me too, in spades! They were...gods they were horrid. Even the guitar solo made me want to write a nasty letter.

Rudi, the Hass I think I could maybe stand, but oh gods the humanity!

My office shares a wall with the living room, Maggie, and the computer credenza is on the same facing wall as the front and center speakers so I had no choice. I did, however, close the door, stick my fingers in my ears and go "LALALA" really loud for ten minutes.

Stucco, I'm going to ban the television from this house if they sing "Shaft." I'm that bad a mutha-

Nancy, I should have gotten with you for the post title! Much better than mine. As for Simon...hmmm. What would Freud have to say about a snarky, rude, ill-tempered Brit having a gander at your bottom?

Rudi, that'd ROCK! I need to write Paula another letter, one that isn't so concerned with her drinking problems.

Stucco, there was a brief time I confused one of the firefighters down here with Guy Montag but I figured it all out when he refused to show me his Mechanical Hound.

Daisy said...

Just say no.

Mona Buonanotte said...

I LOVE The Dan. You could prolly call up Misters Donald and Walter and have them sue American Idol for...oh...whatever the hell they can sue them for...bad singing or whatever.

Irrelephant said...

Daisy, I did. *grin*

Mona, I think they're both probably beyond all that lawsuit guff. I doubt the Idol Kids did any sort of damage and heck, maybe made some of us older-timers dig out our LPs. *grin*