May 10, 2008

The Giggling Irrelephant Show

Don't forget kids that this Sunday's show is going to be hosting the one, the only, the cinematic and Doctor Who obsessor that is Mickey Glitter! The usual cast of characters should be in, as well as a bit of jell-o wrestling. Sci-Fi geekery will abound!

Be sure and join us!


Mickelodeon said...

Just a word of warning: I'm also finding myself in the beginning stages of Max Headroom obsession (Amanda Pays and her pouty lips drive me mad) and the wee spark of the same for The Prisoner (the whole penny farthing bicycle thing drives me mad).

Be seeing you.

Wes said...

Great show, Irrel! I enjoyed following along with the chat dialogue as well -- perhaps someday I'll even register an account and participate in the textual intercourse. ;)

Rayne said...

Oh, hell!!! I keep forgetting. I think it's because I'm still kind of drugged on Sundays.

Irrelephant said...

Micks, I swear if you do the "Be seeing you" line one more time around me I'm going to have to start seriously considering finding a Vincent Ordinary to refurbish.

I'm glad we brought you into the fold, Wes! As for that chat room--I'd be careful, there's some serious throat-cutting goes on in there. Usually mine.

Rayne, it's okay! It gets recorded and archived and all that guff, so you can always go back at your less-drugged leisure and have a listen!