May 21, 2008

The Irrelephant Show

Because I suck, and because I've been dragging arse here of late, and because of a lot of things like my email going awry, I present a much-delayed The List from 5/11/08, the Mickelodeon/Strange Cousin Susan Interview show.

  • fondue
  • Menudo
  • do the "Irrelephant Polka"
  • "You don't get treats just because you're wearing a dress."
  • Geography is not Irrelephant's friend.
  • How big is your posse?
  • dorkleganger
  • the "bas irrelephant" roast! - that's exactly how Stucco typed it
  • frilled irrelephant, served w/ ivory toothpicks
  • fornicating elm trees
  • This should be the lightening isosceles triangle.
  • porkitosis
  • crickets wearing sweaters
  • rogue jar of peanut butter - Mickelodeon
  • Dr. Whom?
  • Charlie Chaplin gone bad
  • f u Irr
  • Nissan Figaro
  • Maybe it's just meant for the little man in the boat?
  • Talkies Tuesday
  • Throw that beet in the garbage can! - Mickelodeon
  • clear like a scientologist
  • I feel like I audited this episode. - Stucco

Whew. Okay! Be sure and join us this coming Sunday for more fooooooolishness! And maybe this time the List will be posted more efficiently. *snort*

1 comment:

Vulgar Wizard said...

WHY didn't you tell them I had to dig in the trash for this list!?!?!?!?!?!? WHHYYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!?