Jun 9, 2008

The Irrelephant Show: The Cataclysm Episode

You know it's going to be one hell of a show when the system that hosts you crashes the moment your show goes live.

Yes, for those of you who listen to the show on archive that's why there's a huge silent gap right at the beginning. BTR broke it off in me. Not to be outdone the rest of the show broke it off in me, too! Be sure and listen for my screams of moral outrage and physical agony. Enriching!

BUT! *chortle*

You know you've been waiting for it--watercooler chatters everywhere, here are the buzzwords Of The Future!

The List!

  • Irrelephant wanted to get the jump on me.
  • black penis of death
  • It rolls it's own smoke
  • Keep your fork, there's pie!
  • Fill a goat?

  • Fuck me running.
  • Your cataclysm will begin in 2 minutes.
  • That was a boot to the head.
  • the spork that tore down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev
  • leveled-up
  • How far can you throw a bratwurst?
  • A spy leaking from his butt?
  • what a little girly man with fruit and granola
  • pi nutz
  • a round-heeled whore
  • Houston, we're a no-go for lift-off, over.
  • Yay, pants!
  • Message ALX - you've been screwed!
  • titty
  • a car in Australia called Holden Kingswood
  • how about a Harrison Ford Woody?
  • All the better for you asking, how are you?
  • Is it true that PacNW girls drive trucks?
  • They have to see you violating.
  • Have a cone and a smile.
  • I think they ought to transition cigarettes to tampons.
  • Did you just say "cooter cancer?"
  • Don't they call them Marlboro Reds anyway?
  • Suuuuuuuuuuuure it is.
  • The Brown Note
  • ball-sitter
  • It'll uncurl his moustache.
  • Happy Anti-Back Pain Ball with Prong and Cone Attachment
  • BBQ prong
  • pointy bits
  • speckled-trout dick . . . is that like spotted dick?
  • cold boner
  • menage a' triage
  • Is it ipicac or ipicock?
  • Bobbit Bacon
  • goddamned bleach
  • new car scent for the cooch
  • My bed has termites.
  • Rod Munch
  • Salty Cone

  • Stuccopropriate
  • Don't drop your kids off at the pool!
  • 212-479-7990 . . . call it for instant rejection

Go on, you know you want some.

Next Sunday, we bring Jay from Kill The Goat back to a sort of shambling, zombie-like half Goatlife! Or something.

Sunday after that (the 21st) we'll have Batgirl from The Legend of Batgirl. Be sure to bring all your fliedermaus-related questions.


Nancy Dancehall said...

"Be sure and listen for my screams of moral outrage and physical agony. Enriching!" LMAO

Jay!?!? Really??? Joy!!!

Rayne said...

Sporks totally rule! I am impressed that there was an honest to goodness spork mention.

Irrelephant said...

Jay really Jay! I'm still in the last stages of negotiation but I think it's a go. *s*

Rayne, I really did have one, a black plastic jobbie that I kept for years in my Art Closet. I had intended to make it the centerpiece of a big found-objects piece dedicated to the horrid things that we do to each other, but it never came together.

Still have the pronged thing, though. *lol*

meno said...

I listened later.

So, this show was a train wreck, you like trains...

Therefore this was great show.

Irrelephant said...

Relentlessly positive, aren't ya meno? Like a pit bull, only more feminine. *lol*

Mona Buonanotte said...

You're a tease, Irr. A manly, studly tease. Posting your radio show List is like porn, dammit...PORN! Raow!