Jun 4, 2008

The Irrelephant Show

My email hates me--I'm having trouble receiving The List, but here it is in all it's infinite confused glory, better late than never.

The List

(meno and Nancy Dancehall guesting)

  • Computer trousers
  • Emo girl whiney shit

  • Crown man = friend of Dorothy
  • Short for “me no want talk to you silly man”
  • Virtue is no relative of mine.
  • Meno came after Shemp but before Curly.
  • Uncle Virtue
  • Meno Marx
  • Sister of Harpo
  • Nancy “Longjam” Dancehall
  • Occuts – amazingly close to “occult”
  • “fresh fron norad” – Stucco
  • And OMG the black penis of death appeared!!!
  • Keep your black penis to yourself.
  • Bridgette the Midget
  • Worf the Dwarf
  • Porn prevents cataracts.
  • Funky hair pron
  • Does he have rivot nipples?
  • It involves finger flicking.
  • PPOrn
  • GGILF (great grandmother)
  • Whatiknowaboutggilf.com
  • Pantly Stanklaquer
  • Mooky Troubadour
  • Irr’s roots are here, in the white trash dirt.
  • Irr is on the crack.
  • Belly buttons?
  • “Flick my dick.” – Meno
  • My Friend Flicker
  • Mother flicker
  • Abso-flicking-lutely
  • Pet piranha
  • Do not taunt Happy Fun Kung Fu Condom.
  • It’s a Cling-On!

  • The mofo with the proof
  • An effin gee?
  • The prongsickle man is coming!
  • Look at my prong when I’m talking to you!

Yeah, you know you want to go listen.


Gordo said...

Man, Sunday evenings are so hard for me to get my arse down in front of the computer. I've got it downloaded and queued up on the iPod. I'll be listening tomorrow while I should be working. :-)

If it contains a domain name, easy money has it coming from Stucco. I don't even have to listen to know that. ;-)

Gordo said...

OK, I'll start making a more concerted effort to listen live. It sucks sitting there listening to the rollicking good time, but also hearing VW's typing and not having a clue what's going on in chat. :-(