Jun 23, 2008

One Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Five.

That's how many posts I've put up here, not counting this one and not counting the dozen or so I've still got in draft form. Also not counting the handful of radio shows nor the trainspotting blog. Honestly? It's time for a break.

A break from the blogs, from the radio show, from this damned pane of glass that separates me from all of you. No drama queening, no emo-crying to see who actually cares about me and who doesn't. No, I like to think I'm a little more grown up than that. I could be wrong, too. I just feel like I've worn the trunk a little too long; it's time to take it off and let my muscles relax a little bit.

I'd say "I hope to be back soon," but hope can be a two-edged sword, can't it? Only time will tell.

All my love,


Gordo said...

Take care, my friend. We'll keep the porch-light on. :-)

meno said...

It can all get to be a bit much at times.

All the best to you. Take care friend.

Jean said...

Maybe you're not crying but I sure am.

You will be missed.
Do good things for yourself.
Until next time... *muah*

Nancy Dancehall said...

Yeah, well, I'm going to emo-cry, dammit!

And I do hope you come back. But I understand Life. *hug*

Mona Buonanotte said...

I've been there, honey. Sometimes a break is needed to get a better view of life. I'll miss you terribly. My sincere wish is to see you back here some day, in your usual rare form, with your beautiful brilliant words. Until then, go enjoy the summer, go have a beer, go kiss someone you love.

Rayne said...

Oh, no! I am so going to miss you.
Please, send my your snail mail address so that I can send you your pay it forward gift.
my email is:
I was going to wait to ask for it when it was done, but, I think I better do it now.
I hope you don't disappear forever.

Batgirl said...

Oh damn. I hope everything is okay, and that you'll be back. Who knows, maybe you won't be able to resist the draw back here. I enjoy your blog, and look forward to your return.

Stucco said...

You might as well keep at it, I mean, I DO have your mailing address after all... Boxes? Oh I have boxes that will revive you :)

Ever which way is cool, muchacho. I'll be buggin you regardless, so from my view, it's merely a paradigm shift.

Maybe you could reinvent yourself in a new blog, you know, as a woman named Noreen (stage name: "Zirconia") who has a scotch tape fetish and a penchant for burlap underthings and strappy assed shoes.

You know- as just a suggestion. Or you could pack up and move in a north-westerly type direction, where all the other cool kids hang... Heh.

Clowncar said...

So sad. Who else is gonna call me "old bean?"

Hope to hear your balloon stories and surreal details of everyday life sometime soon, I hope.

Schmoopie said...

*sniff* You will be missed friend.

Vulgar Wizard said...

What. The. Fuck.


Maggie said...

sigh, another blogger down.

I'll be watching for you. Have a good relax.

Schmoopie said...

What a beautiful blog site I have stumbled upon :)

Mother of Invention said...

I kinda hit the end after bloging since Nov. 04 but just pop in blogs when I feel like it. You can't feel pressure or it becomes a chore. Life takes up so much "REAL" time and we all understand totally.
Live life fully and have a great summer!