Jul 18, 2008

Poetry Friday Challenge: Out

If I had time and privacy I'd write you guys a lovely haiku about the joy of returning to the Blogosphere but damnit I've been castrated.

So to speak.

My computers, you see, are OUT. Both of them. The workhorse Compaq, nearing it's 6th birthday was replaced by the Ferrari that is the new StuccoBox (tm). The StuccoBox, like it's thoroughbred brothers was (I believe) rather sensitive to the heat and suffered from amnesia--it lost a very important system file and won't boot up. Not to fear! The workhorse plugged right back in and took up the slack.

For a week.

Out of the blue and completely unexpectedly it went dead yesterday morning; black screen, Non-System Disk full-on death. Crapped straight out. Beats me what happened, the Compaq System Recovery Disk didn't do anything but get me to an A prompt (anyone remember their DOS Shell commands?) I'm guessing it decided it didn't want to make the StuccoBox feel bad by out working it so it pulled some sort of sympathetic death on itself.

So now I'm blogging through the morass of the white-box at work. Writing, as it were, through the bristles of Big Brother's moustache. Quite against the rules, naturally, and that's why this is so fast and dirty. Both boxes are in the shop, and by the charges they warned me up front about I can SEE why a building full of ubergeeks can afford to have a B-List supermodel sitting up front at the Receptionist's desk.

Gods I'm in the wrong business.

Speaking of: an inside little birdie told me that a local industrial machinery business suddenly lost it's Service Coordinator. Guess who is going at lunch to fill out an application? Cross what ya got for Uncle 'relephant, kids!

Irrelephant (and his PCs) out.


meno said...

Consider them crossed!

Gordo said...

format c:

What she said!

Jean said...

crossing it all...twice!

Joan of Argghh! said...

I'm trying so hard to not point out the irony of it all.

On the upside, we may all run naked thru the comments and there's nothing he can do about it!



Stucco said...

I tested your voicemail recording time capacity just now...

Oh, and I'm also running around your blog naked cakefarting.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Fingers, toes, and legs crossed for ya!

And what's wrong with a little "fast and dirty" blogging? I do it all the time!

DOS commands...I remember you shouldn't do format c, but that's about it.

Maggie said...

everything I got is crossed. everything.
let me know when I can uncross my eyes will ya? getting a little headache.

Irrelephant said...

meno, I'm relying on your crossing ability!

Gordo, if only it were that easy. *sigh*

Jean, keep holding that crossing, I need it!

Joan, why hold back? *g*

Stucco, you never cease to astound me with how disgusting you can be, and that's quite a feat. *lol*

Mona, I think I'm going to have to get used to it. Time...gods, time.

Maggie dear, I think you can let go of the eye crossing, I don't want to go to this new job thinking I've damaged a friend for it!