Jul 22, 2008

The Road

To Blogger Hell is paved with good intentions to post.

It's been a long, strange two weeks, kids. I've had every intention to get back here and write some more; the stories are floating around in my head like misshapen grey balloons, eager to get down my arms and out my fingers and hence to this glowing screen, but...always a but.

The Compaq is alive again--seems the heat, which hasn't been a problem in five years is suddenly enough to trigger a massive (and temporary) failure. When the machine cools down it works fine. So, happily awaiting a new hard drive for the StuccoBox (tm) (and thank you, Stucco!) and working on the old workhorse again. Limping along, as it were.

I'd linger here and tell you guys one of the stories that's been jostling for position but I've got to get rolling. We've a trip to Florida planned for the rest of the week and so the house is in "OMG we've got to pack" mode. Planning to make sure my brother lets my garden go to hell in a handbasket. Making sure my mother overfeeds my fish. Arranging places for the dogs to stay. Oil and filters change for the CX-7. Etc. I was supposed to be off work all this week but the look of terror in my coworker's eyes and their desperate pleas for mercy got me in yesterday and half of today. Bastards.

On the job front--no word yet from either CLECO or the heavy equipment company's HR folks, but the day is young. Rainy Day Rita's front end work just broke the $1000 mark and selling her is now a necessity unless I get one of those positions. Can I tell you I'm ready to get out of the medical industry?

I wanted to share this with you before I go for the week. Taken yesterday morning, about five minutes before a truly massive coal shipment (they average 150,000 tons I was told) passed.

Milepoint 209

I've never been so frightened for a stranger before.


Clowncar said...

I hear ya, old bean. We've got a bluegrass festival breathing down our neck and have done NOTHING to prepare. Except make a pinata. And a big weird paper mache hat.

Glad that guy didn't get all quished by the train.

Clowncar said...

quished = squished

meno said...

quished. I like it.

quished = splattered all over the front of, like a bug on a windshield.

Anyway, if your Florida trip is for fun, please have some. If it's for work, sorry.

Gordo said...

We were supposed to have left for the cottage, for most of 10 days, this morning. I know your description of your house very well.

THAT is a wonderful picture. I love the look of the rail corridor through the trees, too.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Jean and I will wave as you drive by!!

East coast or west coast? Or blasted orlando?

Irrelephant said...

A big paper mache' hat? Cooolness! When do we see the pics, CC?

meno, is for fun, and you can see how fast I was typing that. *sigh* And here I pride myself on my grammar and spellink.

Gordo, we're STILL crashing around, but I think we're gonna manage. I hope. I hope I hope. *s* Me, I love that whole stretch of track, from Boyce up to Rodemacher and just beyond--straight, all those trees, and there's a beautiful old short steel-walled bridge up there about three miles that you can only get to by walking up the tracks some two miles or so, way off the road. Neat stuff.

Joan, I hope so! 'Cept I's only going into the panhandle, er...Crestview, Clearview, something like that. Close enough to make the Pensacola Naval Air Museum a moderately short drive. Izzat close?

Mona Buonanotte said...

I love that photo of the stranger.

Have a wonderful trip, m'dear! Remember your sunscreen, and drink plenty of liquids...preferably iced and preferably spiked.

Irrelephant said...

Mona, it's funny in my case to love this photo so much, because in all my artistic pursuits--painting, sculpting, photography--I never like to include people. Sometimes, though, change is good. *s*

Got my camera, my SPF 60, my razor and toothbrush and my good boonie hat, all I need now is libations. *G*

sarala said...

It is a beautiful shot. Glad he got off the rails.

Jean said...

Crestview/Pensacola, about 6 hrs away :-(

But...do have loads of fun!

Maggie said...

brushes with greatness - your photo is awe-inspiring and quieting at once.

have an awesome vacation! Still crossing my eyes for you.

Mother of Invention said...

A classic pic...you captured that whole man's thoughts and perhaps his whole life in that one "shutter second".
Hmmm..wonder what my "shutter second" would be? Probably all have one...

Have a great trip and hope you land a better job.

Jessi said...

"To Blogger Hell is paved with good intentions to post."

Ain't that about the truth?

And I would've been nervous for him, too, but surely he would've heard the train and moved...