Aug 11, 2008

(Wish I Were) Steppin' Out

Many happy returns on your birthday, Joe Jackson! You still make my funk gland get all warm and wiggly feeling, and can make this MAWG* want to try and dance.

Bernie Mac died this weekend at a very young age. Cause of death was pneumonia. That ain't right. He was barely in his 50's.

Plus, I heard that Isaac Hayes died. I wonder if he ascended to the Mother Ship or the Immaculate Heart of The All-Seeing All-Knowing Flying Spaghetti Monster or whatever it is that Scientologists believe? Did he join the Radioactive Scientologist Choir Invisible? Did the clouds open and Saint L. Ron Hubbard come down in his glowing penis-ship and probe him?

Doubting minds want to know!

*Middle-Aged White Guy


Gordo said...

Isaac Hayes has just shed his mortal body. His thetan (spirit) is immortal and god-like.

Sorry, no glowing penises that I can find.

Joan of Argghh! said...

"Funk gland"? Why wasn't I informed of this vital er.. organ? Can girls have a funk gland, or is it like an adam's apple?

Nancy Dancehall said...

Put that thing away! You're in public, mister! *wink*

Joe Jackson put on one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Very warm and personable, as opposed to what I've heard about other concerts of his.

Bernie Mac. What a shame.

Issac Hayes was already immortal and god-like before, wasn't he?

MX said...

I was listening to Mr. Joe yesterday ("It's Different for Girls" popped up on my iPod) and decided I really, really like him, although I know as many of his songs as I have rings on my fingers...three. Exactly three.

meno said...

I saw him at Red Rocks in Colorado about 17 years ago. He was wonderful. He told the audience to shut up, they weren't at a guns-n-roses concert. I loved that.

Clowncar said...

Joe J and Elvis Costello both put out their first albums (Look Sharp and My Aim Is True) my freshman year in college. Those 2 albums - not CDs, not mp3s, not cassettes, but albums - always remind me of kicking back in the GK dorms, savoring the Brave New World of adulthood.

Irrelephant said...

Gordo, just as long as you hurriedly reassure me that you aren't one of Them.

No glowing penises, eh? Perhaps I wasn't reading Dianetics after all...

Joan, I always thought it was a sort of OEM thing, like the heart or the brain or that little wobbly bit under the liver. Mine, however, is deeply white and can't dance to save it's life and therefore rarely wakes up, but Joe Jackson seems to have a direct line in.

Whoa, sorry Nancy! It gets restless when no JJ is forthcoming.

Bernie shocked me, as he did his family and everyone who thought for sure he was going to recover. But I guess the same can be said of most anyone.

Isaac Hayes. I'm still hung up over what exactly happened to him after The Crossing Over. I mean, the Catholic church is changing some of it's responsorial texts in the Mass, but the Hubbardites? I just wanted to shake one of the FSM's aldente' noodles.

MX, truth be told I'm in the same boat with you, but it doesn't take ten albums to show me when someone Has It.

meno, he sounds like a man after your own heart!

CC, I love my old LPs. I seem to often find myself ranting that you can't get cool things on CDs like you did on LPs, and frankly an "Easter Egg" track isn't the same as a die-cut Zepplin album, or Alice Cooper's Quiet Room with all the cool bits, or hell, even Styx's Paradise Theater with the beautiful oil-print of the two mermaids on the B side.

Heck, CDs don't even HAVE a freaking B side! What's up with that?

Gordo said...

I have far too much sense for that, Irr. A couple of my in-laws are another story, though. :-(

Maggie said...

Damn. Damn. I mean Bernie Mac. Pneumonia? In his fifties? That is scary. Scarier than scientology. Ok, I take that back. Scientology is scarier than anything.

Mona Buonanotte said...

My funk gland is bigger than your funk gland. Not braggin'...just sayin'....

So sad about Isaac Hayes. That buttah.

Stucco said...

Yeah, no shit Harvey Cracker- you think Joe Jackson is funk? Oh Lawdy!

Now stand back while Mona Buonanotte whips hers out.

Oh, and CD's have a "B side", but I'm not telling you where it is. You'll have to go search for it like a G-spot.