Sep 7, 2008

Gustav, Poetry Friday, and Can I Catch A Break?

I've actually scratched a few things off my "Gotta Do" list but it's still nearly Critical Mass stage. No fair. I've got a dozen and three things to finish today, so naturally I'm sitting here writing. *g* I think I'd be doing otherwise but my mind is trying to jump on it's horse and ride off in all directions at once, so, in keeping with said mindset, how 'bout a scattershot post?

Der StuccoBox (tm)

I managed to get the damaged hard drive from the StuccoBox (tm) back up and working! This involved a SATA data cable, and I just want to say right up front that there are two jobs for which large hands are a profound pain and hinderance. One is installing things in a computer, and the other is gynecology. I'm not sure under which heading "plugging in a tiny SATA cable into a motherboard in the depths of a computer" falls under, so I leave it to you to decide. The upside to this being that I now have access (again!) to the literally hundreds and hundreds of photos I'd saved there, regained access to the gobs of music Herr and Frau Stucco included therein, and I've now got a handy backup drive.

I also spent most of today struggling with moving the monstrously overheating beastie up to the top of my desk, which involved fishing wires up and through a credenza and hutch with a bent coathanger for a rig. Sweaty work, but we'll see if this new-found vista (heh, Windows pun) doesn't help this thing breathe better.


There's A Reason They Don't Call Them "HIMicanes.

Gustav was a bitch. We were, I think, on the eastern wall of the storm which was no longer a hurricane by the time it got this far inland but it still wrecked things good. We were without power for three very long days, and my in-laws didn't get power back for a week. They stayed with us which was interesting and not nearly as bad as I thought it'd be. Even got to bring my brother-in-law out to the Lagniappe Balloon Flight Saturday. Much fun was had by all.

I got some few photos, read TWO of the Dark Tower (S King) books (installments three and four,) and did a lot of sitting and sweating. It's interesting, a house with no electricity. Like camping only you get the tease of being in your own house that you can't use for anything but a tent. Lost lots of frozen and cooled foods, lost one smallish pine tree in the field, a few largish branches in the yard and a whole mountain of small ones but overall it was easy going. There were numerous houses with trees parked in their midst, and Mrs. I's boss' mother lost her mobile home when a tree fell LONGWAYS down it, tearing it quite literally in two.

I spent yesterday and today cleaning branches and debris, cutting grass and being devoured by fire ants, whose sole purpose in a flood is to pack up and scatter EVERYWHERE, so that no matter where you step you're in deep red shite. Oh, and my garden was FLATTENED, and what wasn't blown down by the wind was drowned by the excess rainfall. I guess this is the calling to till it all under and get ready for Fall.

For those of you who asked about the chickens, they send their love and best regards. They AND the coop survived totally intact; the only sign that there'd been a massive storm was the rainfall that had blown sideways under the roof and soaked their pine shavings bedding. Oh, and they've all been laying eggs with strange swirly patterns on them...

But, the yard is clean, I've got power and some food, and the in-laws are back in their own home. Five dogs and six cats plus any number of adult and teenage people in one house, no matter how big, is plenty too much. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

These were taken after the storm and before the roads got passable, which is a shame because I really wanted some shots of cars up to their roofs in floodwater, but alas, safety and the Five-0 stopped me.


Sod The Cane, Let's Get Out Of Here!

Did I mention the Lagniappe Balloon Flight? David got delayed a week in his insurance adjuster job because of the storm (ironic, eh Alannis?) so we got another flight in, an excellent one. We had along a pro photographer from down south and mom and son duo who spoke little if any Englais, which made the safety instructions rather problematic. The chase was interesting because everywhere we went the signs of extensive flooding were apparent--creeks suddenly become rivers, once green yards now lakes, trees no longer vertical. This one ended with a high-speed run down a semi-dry turn-row and a shaky but still quite serviceable landing in a full-grown field of sugarcane, which isn't nearly as fun as it sounds. The worst part of the day? Our accustomed breakfast at Leah's Pie Shop was cut off at the behest of a sibling in need of hurricane relief. Blast and confusticate!

[Photo by Mr. Joe Richard
Impressions: Photography By Joe Richard
(jojo8295 at centurytel dot net)]


Okay kids, I really gotta get off my arse and get a few more things marked off my Gotta Do list before dark falls. I'll be catching up as I can over the next few days.


Stucco said...

Glad to hear you are back in business, computer-wise. Don't know what to think about the storms down there. I guess God hates the Gulf coast and the southern eastern seaboard, since it can't be climate change or any such nonsense. I bet things were fun in that mobile home when the roof peeled off.

Clowncar said...

What didja think of the Dark Towers you read? I really like Wizard and Glass - the fourth one, I think. Such a sense of doom pervading the whole thing.

I hate freakin fire ants. Satan's termites.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Eggs with swirly patterns? Dang it, I wish you lived closer so I could taste them! I imagine they taste...hurricane-y?

Irrelephant said...

Stucco, I think Gawd just hates inbreeding. *lol* As for the mobile home I think it was empty, there's a house in front of it, remarkably untouched. Me, I was just astounded at how precisely the storm peeled it off. Do hurricanes carry knives?

CC, I'd have to agree, Wizard and Glass was the darkest thus far. It also 'felt' a lot more like mature King, not so much adolescent fumbling and reaching and trying too hard. A little King-predictable but a good read, and worth getting there.

Granted I had nothing else to do but watch the rain fall or sit inside in the dark and sweat.

Mona, they have a certain twisty feel in the mouth, sort of light and airy, but heavy and full at the same time. A bouquet of freshly-washed grass is present, as is a certain innate dampness. *big wink*

Yeah, you need to live closer. We're about to get sixteen more, so the egg production will, in six months or so, go through the freaking roof.

Gordo said...

I just finished Wolves of the Calla (#5)and started Song of Susannah last night. Chapters had the hardcovers remaindered for $10 apiece. :-) Excellent, excellent series of books. Now to find #7 somewhere.

Rayne said...

Wow! So much on your plate right now. Who got to be the chaser?
I am glad your computer is working again. Swirly eggs?
We had a very bad two day storm once when I was growing up. Not a hurricane, technically, but what we called a Nor'Easter and our chickens did the swirly egg thing for a few days.