Oct 25, 2008


Belle (Aria Svora Cascabel, JC) just won her second major, a five pointer in Austin, TX! For those of you who don't fully understand the AKC grading system (me included,) this means that Belle (our sweet couch potatoe) just beat TWENTY FIVE other Borzoi bitches at a specialty show* in the ring this morning.

She's got both major wins to her record now, for a total of 11 points. She needs 15 points in toto to complete her confirmation championship (and we can put the title "CH" in front of her registered name,) and we can do that one of two ways--

1) By winning tomorrow's show. If she sweeps tomorrow's show like she did today, it will be ANOTHER five point major, and she'll be finished.

2) We nickle and dime win one and two point shows here and there (against small numbers of other dogs) until she gets the rest of her points.

I can't believe it. I'll be truthful, too--Austin, TX is too far for us to easily drive and the expense is out of our reach, so we had her with professional handlers. I feel more than a little bit that this is something of a cop-out, but just because she's finished doesn't mean Mrs. I or I can't continue to show her in the ring as a "Special." Which I'm certain we will, just to get comfortable, learn to handle her better, and in general get the word out that Belle is the Next Big Thing. *G* Plus we fully plan on coursing her (racing after a plastic lure in big, open fields) and pursuing (heh!) her Lure Coursing Championship, too. This will make her a Dual Champion like almost all of her dam's (mother's) litter, which is an extraordinary accomplishment for any dog. Currently she's a JC, or Junior Courser, which means she successfully ran two clean races in an official lure coursing event.

Next up? Breeding our beautiful girl to one of two VERY accomplished world-champion males, with the intent of producing some dogs of genuinely extraordinary quality, and our first $10,000 litter.


* A specialty show means that, in this case, the Lone Star Borzoi Club sponsored the show, supported the entries and in essence went a long ways in time and money to make this a very Borzoi-heavy show.


Stucco said...

Your dog reminds me of Barbra Streisand.

Jean said...

Yay, Beebs!!! Congratulations!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Huzzah! Good doggie!

congrats to all.


Maggie said...

What a bitch!

(sorry, I couldn't resist)

Mona Buonanotte said...

Congrats, pup! Can I get your paw-tograph?

Gordo said...

Wicked! Yay, Belle!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Yay Belle!

And I love the little moppet running next to her.

Irrelephant said...

But has Barbara Streisand ever coursed open-field? I'd bet she'd do terribly on the end of a show lead. And heck, how many $10,000 litters has SHE thrown?

Thank you Jean! We blew the second day, but there's four more opportunities for majors (any of which would finish her confirmation standing) in OK soonest, which we're gonna attend. Keep thinking positive!

Huzzah? *lol* Suddenly you sound like a RenFest, Joan!

Maggie, I don't blame you! Honestly, being a former good Catholic boy I have the worst time trying to USE that term, which is completely right and proper, especially in the dog show arena but I still stumble and stutter over it.

Oh Mona you're a hoot. I wish I had a rimshot recorded. *lol*

Gordo, we're STILL beaming, and missing her fiercely--she's busy lolling in the sun in Fort Worth with her breeder's herd of Borzoi. I guess it's like Old Home Day to her.

That's Penny, trying her best to keep up. Which she did, for all of about half a second. It's hell being a little dog in a big dog yard. Or so she insists. *G*