Oct 17, 2008

Poetry Friday Challenge - The Five Senses Series: Taste

OMG this is going to be a major cop out (as opposed to a police officer exposing his genitalia to women on the street which is also a cop out but is more importantly in bad taste which might be barely enough to get me by on this week's PFC) but I'm pressed for time and don't have a Poetry Friday post ready and omg I suxor!

I don't know what sort of taste it takes to take high-speed photos of things exploding, blowing up and otherwise in incredible action, but I like it.

VW, Mrs. I and myself (and maybe my brother-in-law) will be in Natchez, MS this weekend starting Friday afternoon for the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race, crewing for SkyBird and David Miller as always, our brave and neatly-trimmed pilot/owner. Also with the not so neatly trimmed Jim, our Ground Crewchief. I'm told drinking and partying is to commence, and I'm bringing cigars so it'll be smoky too. I'm also told that we're going to go one night to a place called "Fat Mamas" and get "slapped nekkid" so I'll be sure and keep copious notes on the entire weekend's events.

If you find yourself in the area PLEASE come find us and hang with us or at least stop by to tell me what terrible taste in clothes I have.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, slapped nekkid is much more fun than slapped with clothes on...


Maggie said...

frankly, i love this post. it's in perfect taste for me! oh, and the cop out really had me roaring. thanks I needed that.

Mona Buonanotte said...

You owe us photos of you being "slapped nekkid"....

Rudi said...

Cop Out:
- Cops going on an outing
- Cop coming out of the closet
- Patrolman's union sick out
- Female cop with boobs out

In the real world I can only remember 1 set of cop boobs I'd like to see.

In the world of TV cops I can barely think of 1 I wouldn't like to see. Mmmmm Mariska Hargitay.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Hope your trip is a blast. Boy, the writing fodder you'll be accumulating!

Jean said...

Oh, this is going to lead to some very interesting bloggage *g*

"slapped nekkid", eh? LOL

Shao said...

Funny story about a police officer exposing himself....uh, I'll tell you some other time.

Stucco said...

Izzat what you're into down there? Spanking the clothes off of one another? Whatever makes you happy. Do you slap the shoes off the pretty ladies, Irr?

Irrelephant said...

Joan, it was!

*grin* Maggie, anytime I can make one of my dear readers smile or laugh it makes MY day, too.

Mona, I'm working on it!

Not too shabby, Rudi, but has Dana Delany ever played a cop? Yum. *G*

Angie, it was INCREDIBLE, and yes, I'm sure I've got enough post material out of it to bore everyone to tears several times over. *S*

Plum nekkid, Jean. *g*

Shao, have you been hanging out again?

The only drawback of ballooning, Stucco, is that the footwear leans more toward servicible boots.