Nov 27, 2008

Happy Turkey!

Me, I'm about to dive into 50+ relatives with all that that much family entails. If I survive I'll see you on the other side.

Much love to you all


Jean said...

backatcha...and many more!

meno said...


Man, that makes my 18 look pale.!!!

Gordo said...

Wicked! That sounds like Christmas with my in-laws! Do what I do: keep the booze flowing and you'll be just fine. :-D

Schmoopie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Irr! We had just the 4 of us and our 3 dogs. It was cozy and wonderful. Many rounds of Uno, a fire in the fireplace, wine and pie. A perfect day.

Shao said...

Thems chem trails!

Irrelephant said...

Jean, I hope yours was full of smiles!

Meno, trust me, you don't want to compete at that sort of thing. I'm just thankful it all took place at my brother's estate, and I could sneak out at will.

Gordo, none of the family drinks, that's the problem!

Schmoop, can I just say that I deeply envy you?

Shao, you need a beating! This year he was Mr. Emotional--hugging and hanging on everyone, tears, the works.