Nov 1, 2008

Poetry Friday Challenge: Halloween

Though I'm writing it on All Saint's Day, and I probably ought to be feeling the weight of my ancestors and their practices and hieing my arse out to the cemetery to clean and straighten and neaten up around the quiet stones I'm not and have been wandering the back yard with my camera trying to photograph the wrens that were about.


One day, in winter or in spring
the sun is going to rise
but I'm not.

Everyone else is going to get up,
start their morning. The birds
are going to sing and the people
will stir themselves to their jobs.
I won't be stirring with you.

It's not a horrible thought
at least not all the time.
I know there's nowhere but here,
nowhere to take me in when
at last I shuffle off this mortal
(and tattooed) coil.
That's okay. This is my Heaven.
This is my Hell.

It's gonna happen.
There's no getting around it.
I can't dodge the metaphorical (?) bullet.
Not sure I want to, honestly.
I'm not ready, mind you.
Not by a long shot.
Just...accepting, a little bit.

So come Hallo'een,
when you're out with the kids
or the grandkids
Or if you're sitting at home
watching the little ghouls and
the goblins
and the Disney princesses
roam up and down the streets
Pause a moment, look up at the
cold black bare limbs holding
the Moon in the sky and smile.

And while you're at it, haul your ass
out to the cemetery and brush
the bird crap off my tombstone, what's
wrong with kids today?
I swear.

Here, how about a few Carolina Wrens from my yard?


Maggie said...

wonderful poem. last two lines made me laugh and caught me offguard.

Nancy Dancehall said...

LMAO! It gave me the oogies until the last verse. I'm none too eager to shuffle off this (untatooed) mortal coil. Too many places to go, things to do, people to see. And there's that voice that reminds me every night as I fall asleep that it will all go black...

Irrelephant said...

*g* I'm glad, Maggie! I realised as I wrote it that I was dangerously close to slipping into that sort of "oh poor me" mode, and decided to stick a pin in it.

Nancy, I didn't say I was eager, just that I know it's coming. Some days are just easier to bear, but I'd still rather have then than naught. My own mind has started pointing out that same fact to me in quiet times--sooner or later the lights are going to go out and nobody is going to turn them back on.

BUT, there's nothing I can do about that. *s*

Jessi said...

Great poem. And I love that middle picture. <3

Irrelephant said...

*grin* Thank you, Jessi! And welcome to the commenter's ranks! Glad to have you along!

Daisy said...

What Maggie said. And what Jessi said. The silhouette -- fab!