Nov 20, 2008

The World Keeps Moving

Mona seems to have left us swinging this week in the Poetry Friday Challenge, so I'm picking my own word. Since last week's word was Fight, this week's word (for me at least) is Win.

Belle won, you see. A lot.

Oklahoma. They're OK by me, because Belle went with Rita our breeder from Aria Borzoi and, under the gentle hand of a professional handler she SPANKED the competition!

It was a four day show, with varying numbers of competitors, but it went down like this--Thursday, under Michael Shepherd's professional handling she won Winner's Bitch (the best female non-champion,) Best of Winners (she was better than the best male,) and Best of Opposite Sex which is just a way of saying "Whatever Best Of Breed is, this is the best of the other sex." That was two of the four points she needed to complete her conformation.

Friday, under the same excellent handler she won Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners AND Best of Breed.

Best. Of. Breed.

The King Hell win. Purple and gold. She not only beat thirteen class (non-champion) dogs but four CHAMPION MALES, which is an astounding thing. You see, in the Borzoi breed males are always bigger, and always have a far more luxurious coat, and therefore are prettier. And while 'pretty' isn't supposed to matter jackshite in a dog show and isn't mentioned in the breed standard (the breed standard is concerned with muscles and skeletons and correct gaits) this is the Real World and therefore male Borzoi always win.

Except this time. *S*

That win was another four points, a Major (her THIRD major win!) and it finished her all in one go, as well as being her first (and probably last) Best of Breed! The judge, afterwards, told Rita "When she set foot in the ring I said 'That's Best of Breed unless the Specials (the champions) really step it up' and they didn't, so she went BoB."

To us, going Best of Breed and finishing her all in one go is equivalent to a sophomore quarterback winning the Big Game, getting his pick of cheerleaders afterward for an extended third base cuddle in the back of the bus AND getting a full scholarship to LSU where he'll get to major in Underwater Basket Weaving.

So now? Now we probably retire from the show ring. *s* It's tough to field a Bitch Special. Remember what I said about male Borzoi? Mrs. I handled her as a Special both weekend days, or as Rita called her, "a Baby Special," but she didn't win any further kudos. Always there's a man in the way, keeping the girls back. *lol* But that's okay. Now my sweet girl goes into Lure Coursing, which she enjoys MUCH more than being primped and preened and lead around in a circle. Me, I don't blame her. If she wins a Field Championship in Lure Coursing then excellent. If not? This is okay. She's got what she needs now to become a baby momma.

Yup. Next heat our little girl is gonna be a momma! We're still debating baby daddies but as soon as the lucky guy is picked we'll get some photos.

In other dog news (since I'm burying you guys in dog stuff) we're getting TWO new puppies! Not from Belle but, as previously mentioned, from other breeders. Driving to Fort Worth in two weeks to pick the pups up, and I promise LOTS of photos of the future champions.

For now? For now our Belle is back to being Belle. She lounges in the flower beds. She chases squirrels. She sleeps a lot, enjoying her couch. And in some little corner of her mind she thinks about getting out in a big open field and chasing three plastic bags on a zipline.

If only all of life were so easy.


meno said...

I want to get an award for Winner's Bitch!!

She is a beautiful dog.

Jean said...

Huzzahs and congratulations!!

Baby Belles?? vereh kewellll *g*

Can't wait to see pics of the two new pups.

Gordo said...

"She lounges in the flower beds. She chases squirrels. She sleeps a lot, enjoying her couch. And in some little corner of her mind she thinks about getting out in a big open field and chasing three plastic bags on a zipline."

That sounds like heaven to me.

Clowncar said...

"It's tough to field a Bitch Special" would be such an easy sentence to exploit.

And yet I say nothing.


Irrelephant said...

meno, you'll ALWAYS be Winner's Bitch to me.

Only one more short week, Jean! Belle is already flagging a little bit, so we're hoping beyond hope that our breeding plans for her work out perfectly. In THAT case there'll be TONS of puppy photos!

Gordo, I WISH it were that simple. Sleeping on the couch, getting Mom to buy you your own order of Chicken Nuggets at the drive-thru, and playing. Must be nice.

CC, I stand with my jaw dropped! You've been practicing, haven't ya?

Mona Buonanotte said...

Hey Meno, no fair! I want to be Winners Bitch!

Congrats to Belle! Well, congrats to all of you, certainly a team effort! Huzzah!

And yes, the world has picked me up by the scruff of my neck and gave me a big ol' wedgie this week, such that there was no Poetry Friday. Might I say you did a fantastic job, sir!

Irrelephant said...

Mona, you'll always be Best of Opposite to me. *g* Thank you for the kudos...I can't wait to get back from the weekend trip so I can start posting puppy photos!

Fantastic? Meh. *s* I could never fill your shoes. Probably because I wear a 12W and couldn't fit a toe in there.

Jean said...

Happy Thanksgiving, darlin' *s*

Irrelephant said...

You too, Jean! ((hugs!))