Dec 9, 2008

Take It As Read

that I hate being sick. Hate it.

The stuffy head, the wracking cough and the sore throat are enough to pretty much stop me in my tracks, and I know my own ability to deal with feeling like this is pretty poor. Then, the medicines intended to treat the symptoms are almost as bad. NyQuil gives me nightmares, and most of the OTC remedies make me so tired I could sleep soundly under the wheels of a diesel truck and not know it until it drove off and my brains squirted out my ears.

Did I mention the medications? The patent cures? The snake oils?

This morning Mrs. I hands me a huge white capsule and says "Here, swallow. It smells and tastes like roach bait, but it's good for you."

If I'd not seen her cut the foil on the package I'd have run screaming for the hills.

Granted, if I don't get well soon I might just try some of that Black Flag Cough & Cold.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Dammit, man! That's what Scotch was invented for.

Get well soon.


meno said...

Hmmmm. How much life insurance do you carry?

Just teasin', hope you feel better. I avoid all cold remedies except aspirin and tea, and maybe the occasional cough drop.

Irrelephant said...

Joan, if I had any and thought it'd help I'd drink it like a true son of Scotland.

Heh! meno, so little you'd be ashamed to know the total. Me, I try to avoid ALL meds entirely, but when my nose feels like I've been nuzzling a cheese grater and I've coughed so much my head feels like it's swelling I figure it is high time to break out something from the pharmacopia.

Mona Buonanotte said...

My parents always gave me a hot toddy when I was sick...2 shots of Old Granddad whiskey, a squeeze of lemon, a shot of honey.

Now that I think about it, maybe they were simply trying to drug me up so I wouldn't bug them about how crappy I felt.