Jan 3, 2009

Fists In The Wind

Tho I've never really cared for that expression--it makes motorcycling sound...angry, somehow.

"Sally." Still no 'official' name yet, but I'm narrowing the choices down. The sun finally came and stayed a few days ago, so the driveway dried out and I felt safe rolling her out, dusting her off with a soft cloth and snapping a few pics.



She's still not 100%; my saddlebags and passenger floorboards and exhaust are still on order at the dealership, and my helmet that does an astounding job of matching the paint scheme won't be here until Tuesday, but she's coming together. We're still like a new couple at times--I know how this thing is supposed to go, but we're firmly stuck in that 'fumbling around with the bra' stage. I've not dragged a floorboard yet, and I find that my reflexes and my skills are, well, 7 weeks rusty. With the weather being like it has been (rain and damp) I've been afraid to really push her, plus of course we're still in the break in period. *sigh* Ah, young love. Hopefully the weather will dry out for an extended time and I can get some serious riding in, re-hone the dull blade that is my riding skills.

It tickles me no end, though, that the exact same people who were never really interested or moved by Black Betty are suddenly overcome by how pretty Sally is. They go on and on, somehow not recognizing that this is the Same Bike, one year newer, with the addition of a lot of chrome. They say this one looks bigger, this one is cooler, etc. etc. (Remember, Black Betty was a Midnight edition bike, so all the chrome was black painted or powder-coated, which I rather liked.) But, she's growing on me.

The New Year is here, and I'm happy to say I've not made any resolutions. That isn't to say that I've nothing to improve (ye gods, farther from the truth you could not be,) and it's not that I'm not resolute, because I can be, its just that I don't see the point of making "X" day the only day you can change yourself, or worse, a day that you're EXPECTED to change yourself.

So me, I'm going to keep on like I have been for some time now--trying to exercise more, stay more physically active, eating better when I can, and trying to get my mental muscles equally toned and in line.

I was thinking, while we're on the new year thing, that it strikes me as odd that we end the year and such where we do, and make such a thing over it. Oh, I know, we're human, we set our lives by a clock's tick, but why put New Years here? Why not put it at the end of winter, when all is new and bright and full of new life and new promise? Why do we insist on binding and strapping the lovely female body of a full year on this planet into an uncompromising garment, something that changes her elegant curves into something more suited to a day planner or a wall calendar?

Yeah, I know, I'm a fruitcake. I think I'll go joust some windmills now.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Look here, Man. She's your woman and all, but "Sally" will not do. "Sarah" if you must, but those sophisticated art-deco lines are a throwback to 1925 or 30 not 1950, and so must the name come from some classic of that time.

Rose, or Lillian, or Sophie or Isabel...

Aw hell. She's gorgeous. A Rose by any other name...



meno said...

Dammit, i can't get the pictures to load.


Maybe i'll just come visit so i can see her in person.

Gordo said...

I'm with Joan. I like Lillian, but I have a hard time picturing it coming out of your mouth, Irr. :-)

Definitely a gorgeous girl, to be sure.

Jean said...

She is a beauty, for sure.
A beauty from a bygone era, as others have pointed. Classic.

As far as the bra thing... get one of the front-hook styles.
I love mine *g*

Clowncar said...

I take it "Margaret Thatcher" didn't make the short list.

Oh, and this sentence made me stop in my tracks: "Why do we insist on binding and strapping the lovely female body of a full year on this planet into an uncompromising garment, something that changes her elegant curves into something more suited to a day planner or a wall calendar?"

Nice work, beano.

Anonymous said...

You know my thoughts on the name thing. Call her what she is!!

Daisy said...

Look at this week's Entertainment Weekly -- see that picture of the Terminator? All chrome. Sleek.

You don't want a bike by that name, but... Sarah. Hmmm. That still doesn't seem right.

It will emerge.

My car is called the Mother Ship. When we remember to call it anything other than "the car."

Mona Buonanotte said...

Oooooh! She's a purdy one! You have good taste in...er...women....

Irrelephant said...

*lol* Rose is tempting, for various reasons, but I think I'm already stuck with Sally, again, for various reasons, far too sci-fi geek to get into here.

meno, you're always welcome! If you decide you want a respite from the cold it's supposed to be a high in the mid 70's for the next few days, and I'm sure I could wrangle up some jambalaya or gumbo for you and the Mister.

Gordo, Lillian is a nice one too, but it makes me think of an elderly lady in a calico-print dress buying pork from the butcher's on the corner. *lol*

Thank you, Jean! That's the look that Yamaha was going for, and it's the look that caught me when I first saw the Roadliners.

Would you believe I learned on a front hook bra? Woot!

CC, "Margaret Thatcher" never even crossed my mind. Not even a little bit. Glad you liked that passage--I actually put some work into that one, wanted to express in that phrase more than just motorcycling.

HotAirHarley, you need to learn to sign in. *lmao*

It never occurred to me, the whole Terminator thing Daisy! Now I feel such a fool! *lol*

Thank you, Mona! I like to think so...

Mickelodeon said...

Myrna. As in Loy. If she were my bike (as if I'd ever ride one...I'm far too chicken-shit, seriously), I'd call her Myrna. =)

HotairHarley said...

Still Sally????

Bitterroot said...

Oh, she's purty...

Irrelephant said...

Mix, I like that, I do!

HAH, I think so. Thus far. Today.

Thank you, Bitterroot, and welcome!