Jan 20, 2009

Kodak Brownie - Posed!

Per several very politely worded requests, and because I've been planning on doing something like this since before I brought it home*--

Gordo was fretting a mite because he has a Brownie collection (not the food nor the little girls, the camera) and hasn't a good way to display them. So, in the spirit of internet brotherhood I'll share my intent:

First, you need a sizeable glass enclosure, with various wooden boxes artfully covered in some neutral-coloured cloth. Then, you pose your collection of Brownies here and there around Jennifer Connelly, dressed as she did in either Dark City or The Rocketeer, tho the 30's Rocketeer look is a shade too old.

The trick, naturally, would lie in making sure Ms. Connelly is a) accustomed to showing off the quality features of the various Kodak Brownie models and b) is at least a little bit okay with being locked in a glass box in someone's house.

Nothing but a puddle to a high stepper, I say.

* Before you ask, "Yes, that is my fedora," and "Yes, I do wear it, but usually only with a suit or at very least a shirt and tie." Also, "Yes, that is my pipe," and "Yes, I do smoke it, but only in the quiet comfort of my home and only when I want to smoke in excess of two hours--that bowl is a lot larger than it appears."


Joan of Argghh! said...

Heh. An effin' fine fedora and photo.

meno said...

She's a beaut ol roight!

meno said...

And what's her name is okay too.

Shao said...

I can supply the Jennifer Connelly. I'm not ashamed to say I've been planning her kidnapping and subsequent putting the lotion on the skin since about the age of 15.

Gordo said...

Now, the plotting begins. I wonder if my wife will mind? :-D

Irrelephant said...

Why thank you, Joan! If I was wearing my fedora right now I'd take it off to you. :) As it is, how about I tug my forelock? Except my hair is so short I don't have a forelock.

How about a hearty handshake?

meno, you really need to tell us about yours, since you used one! That's tres' cool! "What's her name," eh? *lol*

Shao, if you didn't have at least three fully prepared plans for the Connellynap I'd have been awfully let down with ya. Bravo, man!

Gordo, explain to her that you'll probably have a one-third share in her, so she won't always be cluttering up the house.

Mickelodeon said...

Ooooohhh...(said in her best Bar Code Girl imitation). That's vewy pwetty, yeah...(said in her best Star Tattoo Girl imitation).

Thanks for the picture - now I've got an awesome reference point for future Brownie discussions. =)