Mar 13, 2009

Bag of Waters: Update

Well, mixed news I'm afraid.

Belle wasn't pregnant, or if she was then there were so few puppies (or a single puppy) that her body reabsorbed them. This is itself a hidden blessing, because we were really hoping for a small litter.

The thing being, what she WAS going through was an interuterine infection, which manifested itself last night as what we thought was an amniotic sack opening to let puppies spill forth. Without getting into anything disgusting, and I promise you that if you're of a weak stomach it's kinda icky let me just say that somewhere in there, probably during one of her four artificial inseminations she picked up some bacteria or other which later caused the infection.

Belle is on some very strong antibiotics right now and is under our watchful eyes. She's resting well and taking food and water which are all excellent signs, and the infection is draining which is also a good sign. Like a fart, it's better out than in. Worst case scenario she'd have to be spayed, which honestly in the grand scheme isn't a bad thing at all. Best case? A full recovery, no harm no foul. We've been directed to make sure she gets pregnant "by a proven sire" next heat cycle to prevent cystosis or other interuterine problems, so in about eight months we'll try this again and see where the canine Fates lead us.

So. Hopefully by next week she'll be feeling her old self again, eating lots of yogurt to keep her good intestinal bugs up and numerous and keeping Sheba and Remy in line. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and your support--she still needs lots, so keep thinking good thoughts for her swift recover and tonite, give your dog an extra treat, eh?


Mickelodeon said...

Oh, poor Belle. Give her a nice scratch behind the ears for me and a rousing round of Luftwaffe Lab when she's up for it. xo

Jean said...

aw, poor girl.
I gotcha all in my thoughts, big time!

meno said...

Thank you for sparing us the details. Poor Belle, she's delicate down below.

(Reference to a book "Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady.")

Irrelephant said...

Mix, I'm about to start Luftwaffe Labbing the kids, we'll work up to it when Belle feels better. *lol*

Jean, she's doing much better already. Thank you and everyone else soooo much. *hugs*

meno, no problem. I had A Moment there when I first saw it, so I thought it best to keep my little home here a "Vomit-free Zone."

Shao said...

See, this is what happens with those back ally artificial canine inseminations. Congress can pass laws all day long but dogs are still going to get them and it's our responsability as the voters to make sure our dogs get them in a safe, clean environment. I understand a dogs insurance may not cover it but going to Mexico for the procedure is dangerous.