Mar 13, 2009

Bag of Waters

Heh. Today is Friday the 13th. My last post? Number 1333. Talk about rotten timing.

Belle's (Ch Aria Svora Cascabel, JC for you AKC purists) water broke last night around 2am. She hasn't started labour yet but if the first AI took and the rest didn't that would explain the small litter she's carrying. One trip to the vet today to verify that things are proceeding as they should ought to settle the issue. Our one concern is that she's carrying a 'singleton,' because with single puppy litters often there's not enough hormones to start her milk flowing or to start labour contractions, so everyone out there in Bloggerland please send your good multiple-puppy thoughts to Belle and to us today.

Many thanx
Irrelephant (and Belle)

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Gordo said...

Whoo! Good luck Belle!