Mar 31, 2009

'Cos You Asked

Maggie over at Maggie's Mind Moss demanded something of me other than my eternal loyalty and fealty. She demanded that I answer a coupla questions, and she wearing that snappy black uniform and the tall jackboots so I felt obliged to answer. Here, instead of cluttering up her comment space.


Pressing Questions

Answer the following (because I am a blog dictator and you must)

(SEE? What did I tell you!)

Which do you prefer in bathrooms: shower curtain or sliding door? which is easier to clean?

Having used both I have to come down squarely on the fence. I used to have the coolest vinyl shower curtain--it had a very 50's style bathing beauty splashed across it, and huge red polkadots. The house I grew up in and now live in again has a shower with a pair of sliding glass doors. Preference? Doors for not getting water everywhere and for not suddenly pressing cold wet vinyl up against you when you lean up against them, but curtains for when you have a gorgeous old claw-footed slipper tub in which to recline with a drink, a book and a smoke. Or a friend. Easier to clean? Curtain, because you just unsnap the hooks and toss it in the washing machine. Just TRY that with shower doors.

Color on your walls, or neutrals, OR white all the way?

Colour and more colour. I'd paint my freaking ceilings if my parents hadn't thought it wise, back when they built the house to have the overhead sprayed with those tiny little white blobs of guano.

Symmetrical or Asymmetrical?

Asymmetrical. Nature abhors a vacuum, that's why I beat all my rugs by hand. Wait...

If someone offered you a million dollars, would you paint my house?

In a heartbeat.

Spring cleaning, love it or hate it?

Oddly enough, as I've gotten older I've come to enjoy things like order and cleanliness more, so I'd have to say love it, but with a conditional love. Maybe with a really powerfully strong like.

When speaking of anatomy, people who say big, do they mean long or wide? Just curious.

Men mean length. Granted, you can be a foot long and a half-inch wide and you aren't going to pleasure anyone with that thing but yourself. I mean, what self-respecting woman would want to be ice-picked to an orgasm?

Do all twelve year olds fight with four year olds? Is it a boy thing?

Is a boy thing. Boys are wired by society and nature to be combative and to vie for the top. It's one of the reasons I'm glad I had a daughter.

Wood floors or tile? What about in the kitchen?

Both. Wood is warm and welcoming and feels and looks old, but tile is rustic and cool in summer, which is awfully nice in the deep south. Plus, tile looks better with a rug tossed over it kind of casually.

Granite countertops or something else? What else? Formica? Cement?

I've always liked formica. Granite and cement seem so...permanent. If you get tired of them in a few years it's gonna cost a fortune and take a jackhammer to get them outta your kitchen, whereas with formica you can recover the old counter yourself, if you're handy enough.

Men: do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Are brunettes in your experience smarter? (I don't believe a word you're saying. Just kidding, I'm listening.)

Men prefer blondes, but I don't know why, to be honest. Peer pressure? It's expected of them? Me, I don't think I've EVER looked at just one feature first, it's usually a gestalt with me. Anyway, as good as modern hair dye is now, any woman can be any colour, up to and including multiples.

Cookies, cake or pie? (Meno we know your choice now don't we?) Favorite flavor?
Yes. Any. Next?

Have you ever felt that you could fall in love with a singer/songwriter just because of their lyrics?

Possibly. I think if I'd read some of Roger Water's stuff before I heard the music I'd still love Pink Floyd. Same with Steely Dan. But then I also love most classical, and lyrics is rare and often in foreign languages so there I'd be in trouble. No more Beethoven.

Best birthday memory.

Damn. Now that's a tough one, but my mind wants to think about parties when I was a kid, but my best had to have been my 39th: my first hot air balloon ride, the one that opened the door to years of crewing and companionship and amazing teamwork and learning how to fly myself. THAT's hard to beat.


meno said...

Maggie is a cross between a penis and a potato, a dick-tater.

ha ha ha ahha. *snirk*

Sorry, not a fart joke, but best i can come up with.

It's not that easy to unhook a shower curtain, plus they always tear.

Maggie said...

do you think they will make a potato head toy of me? By Meno's definition, it would be awfully ugly - and belong in the naughty store.

Thank you for the answers - I am here quite late of course. Oh and the image of me in dom clothes about killed me. Lord that would be bad.