Mar 14, 2009


Tired of that iPhone for note-taking? Sick of losing the stylus to your PDA? Sick of your Blackberry's little trackball thingie that always gums up with sweat and finger dirt?

Well, you need something Lo-Tek!

The PocketMod.

A million-and-one uses, recyclable, reusable, light and portable! No batteries to die, no stylus to lose, and best of all it's cheap as hell!


meno said...

Wow, that's revolutionary!

Gordo said...

Simply incredible! This paper stuff might catch on.

Irrelephant said...

I tell you meno, it's cutting-edge stuff!

Gordo, I don't know, I mean the Great Unwashed Public is pretty fickle, but think how grand it would be if it did!