Mar 12, 2009

Shoot 'Em First, Ticket Them Later

As taken from Randy Cassingham's weekly group email "This Is True":

SHUDDUP YA DUMB REDNECKS: Missouri state Sen. Kevin Engler is really fed up with people who litter, and sponsored a bill calling for the death penalty for littering. "I think killing one or two of them would be a fine first start and then the rest would fall in line," he said after introducing his proposed law on the Senate floor. In his address, he said "dumb rednecks" are "teaching [their children] to be white trash" by throwing refuse out car windows, and he was "sick of every week having to pick up litter" for them. Engler then announced he was "doing this tongue in cheek" and withdrew the bill to "make it a little tougher." When criticized for calling people "rednecks" and "white trash," Engler said "The only people I called names are the ones doing it. If they are offended, good." (Park Hills Daily Journal) ...In other news, Missouri State Sen. Kevin Engler was re-elected in a landslide -- which he then immediately cleaned up.

A friend once said, when asked what he thought my political alignment was, said that he thought of me as a "Machiavellain Liberal." I agreed with him 100%, and took him off the "First Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes" list. But you know, it's true. Laws have no real teeth. I've been ticketed many times for speeding (in the distant past, that is.) Did the fines ever stop me? Nope. What did? A sense of my own mortality and what I had to lose. Do I still break traffic laws? Occasionally, because I know my own skills are far greater than those of the ordinary driver, and were I to trust my fellow motorist to drive properly then I'd have been put in my grave many years ago, so when necessary I break laws as needed to preserve my own lovely hide.

You truly want to enforce a DWI law? First offense you lose your car (sold to pay your arrest and court costs) and your license for five years. How's that for a deterrent? Convicted without doubt of child molestation? Automatic death penalty. No life sentences, no years of appellate court hearings wasting billions of our tax dollars. Bang the gavel, bring 'em out front to the yard, arm the twelve jurors just like they do with firing squads--only one bullet is live, randomly assigned so no-one knows who is really doing the deed, and fire. If you see enough soon you'll realise that it simply isn't worth it.

But then again I also think that all people are innately evil until proven otherwise, and have rarely seen anything to disavow me of this sentiment.

Sorry so suddenly extreme, I'm just tired and frustrated. *s*


Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, dayum! I couldn't agree more. And I'd volunteer to have the mystery bullet in my gun, y'know, just to sharpen my aim at the perv's liver.

Irrelephant said...

*g* See, I'm not a total loss, Joan!