Mar 30, 2009

What Tha?

I just got a photo on the Purina website of sorts. They say I need votes, so let's mobilize and get!

Purina Pet Charts Contest


Stucco said...

I voted for you but it's all a lost cause- you're up against a LOLCat. Besides, one of those dog owners actually got down on the ground to take their doggie glam shot.

And what do you win anyhow? Flea dip? Bah.

Stucco said...

ADDENDUM: I'm sick and pissed off, so perhaps I did lost my sense of humor (as implied). I took three days off last week for a holiday that I ended up not being able to afford (Las Vegas? Hah!), but it's all a big joke on me as I spent the whole time sick.

Yes, I'm surly. It'll pass. And you are up against a LOLCat, AND you should work on your truck. I wanna bury my head under my wubby now...

Irrelephant said...

Yeah, I saw the fuzzy barsard. *lol* So flea dip is the prize, eh? Gah.

What makes me wonder is that I didn't post a photo, they just borrowed one. I've got more than a few that are far better than that one. *shrug* Hey, exposure is exposure.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just popped my head in to see what was going on, and I voted for you! I don't think the LolCat is very funny. Good luck! Also, I might have to start e-mailing you for gardening tips; we bought a house a few weeks ago, and we have 3 areas plotted out to plant...I don't know what kind of thumb I have yet. Ignorant, so far. :)

Gordo said...

If there's a joke with that cat, I don't see it. 77 votes? Sheesh.

Joan of Argghh! said...



Yes, voted for your photo.


meno said...

lolcats are SO last year. Voted for you.

Maggie said...

you can count on me. at least once. i voted. now if they take multiple votes, you could count on me lots of times. i'll check.


Irrelephant said...

Amy, check your email! A link to the LSU Ag Center planting guide is there, representing your ticket to gardening paradise.

Gordo, it's not a bad photo, but not all that interesting, truth be told.

Heh! Thank you Joan!

meno, when I become Purina's sole pet photographer I'll specifically mention your name when accepting my id badge.

Maggie, you're willing to cheat for me? Oh you're excellent!!