Apr 29, 2009

Two Tidbits

A few days ago SFR, my boss (for the next twenty-five days) and my director were all sitting up front hen-cackling. I was doing my level best to keep my head down and keep working because I was, as usual, about two days behind. Hmmmm...wonder why? I was very exhausted and when I get that bad my filters tend to stop working, so I'd been interjecting little snarky comments throughout the day. Anyway, SFR was naturally regaling us with some backwoods hick story of her family when the conversation turned to crawfish.

SFR immediately switched verbal gears and related a tale of her sister in law who, upon coming to Louisiana for the first time decided that she didn't like eating crawfish because "...they're too small and there's too little reward for all that hard work."

My response? "So's a clitoris, but that's never stopped me before."

I'm surprised I'm still employed.

In other news, AMC TV has decided that they've gone utterly fucking mad. They're making a mini-series based on the 1960's touchstone BBC series "The Prisoner." Having seen some of the clips I'm thinking that even Sir Ian McKellan Himself (who is playing the redoubtable and infinitely replaceable No. 2) isn't going to make this festival of offal worth watching.

See for yourself what happens when people think they can gild a lily. Me, I'm just glad McGoohan died before he had to witness the brutal rape of his masterwork.


Jean said...



meno said...

"Too little reward?"

What the fuck are you talking about?

Jay said...

Oh man.
Funny, and yet I hope to never hear the clit compared to the crawfish ever EVER again.

Too little reward?
Watchu talkin bout?

Gordo said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! Man, oh man.

Joan of Argghh! said...

If you think the reward is too little, you're still not doing it right.


Bob said...

I can't believe they've the balls to mess with The Prisoner. I'll probably watch an episode to see how bad it is - with the expectation that it'll be just that.

Irrelephant said...

Deep breaths, Jean! And small circles...

meno, I'm just being an ass: I've long been a fan of cunnilingus. Being able to make a woman's eyes roll up in her head using just my tongue is one hell of a power trip. *wink*

Jay, I promise, no more sentences with 'clitoris' and 'crawfish' in the same sentence. After that one.

Gordo, I amuse myself at times. *lol*

Joan, I've not got a complaint yet!

Bob, thank you for holding out some hope that someone out there read past the clitoral crawfish bit. *lol* I'll watch it too, I'm certain, but like you, I ain't holdin' my breath, even with Sir Ian in it.

Jean said...

"And small circles..."

yes. yes. YES!

Batgirl said...

I just choked on my cereal! It amazes me you're still employed...Ha! And coming from a woman it is SO worth the effort! LOL

Mickelodeon said...

*dying over here from coffee snorted through my nose* You lead a charmed life, my friend...still being employed after that remark. HUH.

Rayne said...

There are many who would totally disagree with you and say that the Prisoner With The Gilded Clitoris would be a fine movie.
I am so glad I am not the only one without a brain to mouth filter.