Jun 1, 2009

Time Out Of Place

I've been long absent from the blog-o-sphere, and I apolgise for that. The last three weeks have been very...different for me, and it's taken its toll on my writing.

You guys remember all the goings-on about the new job. The worry, the wondering, the works. Well, as you recall I got the job, and as things stand currently I'm in my second week of training.

Well, not right now. Right now I'm sitting at the work station portion of a Cambria Suites hotel, a $400 a night suite that is so far beyond my normal means that I still flinch whenever one of the numerous staff says "My pleasure!" and sounds like they honestly mean it. I'm more accustomed to Motel 6's and housekeeping people that you cross the street to avoid. I've got a mug of (organic) Chamomile tea sitting here, compliments of the house and one of the huge plasma screen televisions is off but the other (the bedroom one) is on the Sci-Fi Channel since it's ST:TNG night. Tomorrow night is ST:Enterprise, and the next night is the night I will be spending on the smoking patio with a cigar, watched over by a forty-foot tall Waylon Jennings billboard face, but that's neither here nor there. I've got my dark, quiet hole and I stick to it.

I like having a monstrous king-sized bed. I like being able to run the A/C on 70 all night, and I like lingering in the very posh bathroom in the mornings, lingering under the hot water that simply refuses to go cold. I'm not crazy about paying $10 for a hamburger and chips, but I'm getting reimbursed for that, as well as my internet at home when I finally get set up there.

I find myself rambling, and I'm sorry about that. Far different from my usual rambling here. I've spent all last week here, then a hurried, too-short weekend at home and now I am starting week two of two here doing hands-on training. I'm not 100% pleased with the training regime thus far--it's been a lot of information tossed at us by up to five teachers at a time, and it seems finally today that at least some of it has been intended to hide the fact that most of my new job doesn't have a set-in-stone pattern or system. It's all very...vague, and that's bothersome, but I'm determined to make the best of it.

Me, I'm ready to be home working. I'm tired of listening to 17 other people talking on phones, working on laptops and otherwise making a veritable maelstrom of noise and confusion. Mix in a strange workday--start at 8:30 am, lunch at 11 (usually some kind of salad,) off at 5, two enforced 15 minute breaks, a mens room that looks like it got sourced directly from the Ritz Carlton and no idea of what sort of priorities or systems I need to have in place for the new job and I'm a bundle of nerves, stress and unease. Oh, and the owner of the corporation dropped by today to give us a little pep talk, just waltzed right in like he...well hell, he DOES own the place. Me, I'm ready to be home, so I can sit and focus, begin to learn some patterns of my own, figure out how exactly I'm going to go about this. I've had my fill of team-building exercises.

But, the rest of the week will wind down eventually. Soon I'll be quit of the insane snarls of traffic, the overpriced food and, yes, the lovely opulence of this suite. A few more days of mismashed lessons, a few more shifts of wondering where the beautiful geese that hang out in the corporate pond out front are, then one more drive home, this time to stay. Needless to point out the obvious--I'm ready.

At least the tea isn't too bad.


Jean said...

Sounds so veddy veddy overwhelming.

Enjoy the perks while they last.
You'll figger out the rest of it at home... in peace and quiet.
shhhhhhhh *g*

Anonymous said...

It definitely sounds like a whirlwind. Try look at "no set pattern" as a possible opportunity to craft your own. One that works for you and your work style.

I'd take enforced breaks as a good sign. Better than working you as long and as hard as they possibly can. :-)

meno said...

There is something about staying at a fancy hotel that makes me feel really cut off from the rest of the world, like i'm in some sort of time warp.


Joan of Argghh! said...

It's seems lonelier, the nicer the hotel room. I had one of the Presidential suites at the Peabody in Orlando, all to myself. It was a room used by the effin' real President when he visited the area.

It was awesome, but forgettable upon returning home. As it should be.

Maggie said...

ah the days of training being bombarded at you and then tossing you into the fray, only to find out, most of it just doesn't make sense in real time. But, you got the job! Yay!

After the jitters die down, you'll get it all in hand and be the super Elephant there.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Look at me. You are going to be fine. Smile and nod when they tell you how to do something, then go home and do it the RIGHT way, which will probably have nothing to do with what they told you.

What other vices must a 40-foot Waylon Jennings watch over? One wonders...