Jun 4, 2010

Work Hijinks

HAMLET: How absolute the knave is! We must speak by the card, or equivocation will undo us.

I swear, going over reams and reams of clinical data every day I see some stupid stuff. Some days though the stupid stuff really goes well beyond stupid and trips lightly into that ethereal realm of things that are genuinely funny but in a really sad and pathetic way.

Our physical therapists, when doing an initial evaluation for a new patient have in their forms a tool called a "Fall Risk Assessment." It's just like it sounds--an assessment of a person's risk of falling, or falling again. I found this in an evaluation today. The agent's text is in all caps because they all type that way:

Assessment of Fall History:
Where did the fall occur: FELL DOWN SOME STAIRS
What was the patient doing when the fall occurred: WALKING DOWN THE STAIRS

Wow. You don't say. I thought for sure the agent was going to say this elderly lady was launching her two-man glider.

I swear, Tracy and I laughed for several hours solid over this one. I don't know if it's funny because I'm freaking exhausted or because it really IS funny. You tell me. Me and my hundred hour two-week pay period are going outside to smoke a cigar.


Gordo said...

I think exhaustion has something to do with the level of funny, but it IS pretty bad. This particular agent has no concept of detail?

meno said...

You are clearly exhausted. :)

Mickey Glitter said...

Those are the best kinds of laughs - when you're not quite sure if it's funny because it's pathetic or pathetic because it's funny. That...that's just freakin' hysterical! xo

Maggie said...

Don't worry,exhaustion is just another word for insanely hilarious or hilariously insane. You pick. And anyways, the side effects are like Nyquil. You know you're sick (or tired), but damned if you're not enjoying it!

Irrelephant said...

Gordo, I'm SURE exhaustion has something to do with it!

meno dear, a continuous string of fifty hour work weeks does that to me. *sigh*

Mickey, I swear, VW and I giggled over it for the rest of the afternoon, like two kids peeping in an adult book store.

LOL What a great way to put it, Maggie!