Aug 2, 2007


(Insert Scarface quote about "my leetle friend" here)

Before you read please see full-sized, as the post will make a heck of a lot more sense that way. Go on, I'll wait here for you.

You see, I wanted to share with you guys something from my life a few mornings ago. I have a window on my right while sitting at my desk, and pulling up the venetian blinds a few days ago I spotted this little beetle. He was about the size of the first joint of my finger, and as you can see his little bronze legs were gripping the screen tight while he waited for the sun to warm him up again.

I took a few pictures of him because, well, because I had my camera and because he was so neat looking. I mean, at a distance of a foot or more he was just a generic bug: beetle-shaped, ovalish, big wing cases, little eyes and feelers out front, the usual compliment of legs, but it was a closer look at his shell that made all the difference. He looked just like that antique maple end table that's sat in my great-aunt's parlor for the last hundred and seventy or so years. He even had those tiny blurred 'knothole' spots on his side and tiny pores dotting the seemingly smooth surface, like the pores in wood.

Teasing him gently off the screen and onto my finger wasn't a challenge, and it further rewarded me when I saw in the light that his eyes were a startling shade of slate blue. They looked like they had been made of glass, perfect ovals, with a eerie translucence and a depth that belied their tiny size.

And of course being me, I started thinking about why exactly a beetle would need to look just like a piece of finished wood. And since I couldn't think of any good reason for a beetle that big to look just like someone's antique five-door three-legged family credenza, I rationalized that somewhere out there is a master craftsman, a furniture builder of great repute who, taking a break from making a beautiful chest of drawers or a table's legs had carefully carved him out of a little bit of scrap wood lying on the floor as a diversion. And so cunningly did he carve and shape this little wooden beetle that some tiny mote of Life which was floating around his workshop looking for a window decided to take up residence in that little wooden carving, and liking what it found it took flight with gossamer wings and ash-pale body to wander the world.

Or something like that.


leesepea said...

WOW, he's pretty!

I like your theory about the furniture maker, by the way.


Rayne said...

This is an excellent entry. Beetles can be so beautiful. I've always wondered why bother making such a 'lowly' little bug so pretty.

Jean said...

wow...are you sure he's alive? not just a misplaced tiny toy or sumpin'?

um...why is this post in the year 2010?

Irrelephant said...

Hey, Leesepea dear! Long time no hear! *hug* I'm glad you liked was actually the core of the entire thought process about that little six-legged thing-a-ma-bob.

Rayne, thank you dear. And I often think the same myself--I know it could easily be dismissed as proof of Gawd, but honestly I think it's just that Life is so prolific it will fill every available gap, and if you're gonna attract mates you sure better stand out from the crowd. *g*

Jean, I wondered for a while there if he was even alive, but when the sun came up over the trees and started warming him he started trundling away. And good eyes! To tell you the truth, I save a lot of drafts; bits and pieces that I think might make good posts, and to keep from losing them in the on-going march of posts that DO get sent up I date them way in the future so they stay at the top. This time I just forgot to change the date back.

Either that or I've discovered time travel and am speaking to you from three years In The Future! *cue creepy theremin music*

meno said...

Beautiful bug. I might not even squeal if i found him in my house.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Here by way of Wayfarer Scientista.

I like the bug; very unusual for me. I have an aversion to creepy crawly things. No bueno.

This is a very nice one, and I particularly like the way that you brought him to life, at the end there.

Thank you!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore (the lion)

Irrelephant said...

Hi, Wanderlust Scarlett and Co., and welcome!

I'm sorry you're averse to the little crawly things of nature, but I promise that for the most part they're just as averse to us. *grin* Glad you liked the end--to tell the truth, that was the image that started me off on this entire post.